How Flawed WHO Vaccination Policies Led To Polio Paralysis In India In 1970s

This is how flawed vaccination policies implemented by the WHO in 1970s led to polio paralysis in India.

How Flawed WHO Vaccination Policies Led To Polio Paralysis In India In 1970s

As per a study by G Mudur titled Flawed immunisation policies in India led to polio paralysis published in the BMJ in 1998:

In accordance with World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations, India introduced 3 doses per child of oral poliomyelitis vaccine (OPV) into its immunization program during the late 1970s.

It was hoped that infants would be protected from polio after having received the 3-dose vaccine course.

However, the provision of only 3 doses of OPV contradicted research which suggested that additional doses would be necessary to protect children from wild polioviruses in India’s tropical environment.

During the 1980s, hundreds of thousands of children in India developed polio because of the inadequate vaccine protection they received under WHO recommendations.

Moreover, the introduction of diphtheria/tetanus/pertussis (DTP) vaccine without adequately protecting infants from circulating wild polioviruses increased the risk of provocation poliomyelitis, a phenomenon in which an injection given to a child with silent poliovirus infection can trigger paralysis in the injected limb.

Massive outbreaks of provocation poliomyelitis occurred. Given the appropriate policies, India could have eradicated polio a decade ago.

As reported by GreatGameIndia earlier, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the nephew of former American President John F. Kennedy, in a lengthy piece exposed Bill Gates activities in India and his “obsession with vaccines”.

Promising his share of $450 million of $1.2 billion to eradicate Polio, Bill Gates took control of India’s National Technical Advisory Group on Immunization (NTAGI) which mandated up to 50 doses of polio vaccines through overlapping immunization programs to children before the age of five.

Indian doctors blame the Gates campaign for a devastating non-polio acute flaccid paralysis (NPAFP) epidemic that paralyzed 490,000 children beyond expected rates between 2000 and 2017.

In 2017, the Indian government dialed back Gates’ vaccine regimen and asked Gates and his vaccine policies to leave India. NPAFP rates dropped precipitously.

In 2017, the World Health Organization (WHO) reluctantly admitted that the global explosion in polio is predominantly vaccine strain.

The most frightening epidemics in Congo, Afghanistan, and the Philippines, are all linked to vaccines. In fact, by 2018, 70% of global polio cases were vaccine strain.

Similar was the case in Africa. A week after World Health Organisation (WHO) declared that its decade-long vaccination campaign in Africa was successful, its own oral vaccine itself has sparked a new Polio outbreak in the continent. The outbreak was caused by mutation of strain in vaccine.

According to another peer reviewed study published in a respected journal by the world’s most authoritative vaccine scientists, Bill Gates DTP vaccine killed 10 times more African girls than the disease itself.

The vaccine apparently compromised their immune systems. Although, such study was never performed before 2017, Bill Gates and the Vaccine Alliance GAVI and WHO pushed the vaccines on unsuspecting African babies.

Moreover, in unauthorised clinical trials Bill Gates funded NGO PATH killed tribal girls in India and got away with it.

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  1. We know for certain that the Bill & Melinda we see today are NOT the same Bill & Melinda of 2013 and prior to that year. Why? It is because the Gates’ were vaccinating children in India and those children became very ill, paralyzed or died. Outraged, the parents stung them up by the neck until dead! Was it just coincidence that the Gates’ and those of their wicked horde always chose children of color to poison first? No. They hate people of color. They also want to depopulate the world of the Caucasians leaving only people of color to become their serfs/slaves; a commandment of their messiah, Satan, as written on their 10 commandments from him, in stone, at the Georgia Guide Stones – “maintain the population at 500 million”. Thus said the Lord, “There is NO peace for the wicked”. Today, the Melinda we see is not even a woman! and looks little like the real Melinda. Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood made it clear that her mission was to do away with black families. Candace Owen stated this year that more black babies are being aborted than born alive in the USA. That is the saddest thing! and Sanger got her wish even if she is burning in hell.
    People, I pray you are all prepared for what is about to come. The EBS system will have its first test run on 8/11. Soon, the MSM networks will broadcast only what they are told to broadcast which will include mass arrests of those whom have infiltrated our country including our government, (federal and state), universities, colleges, school boards, and nearly every facet of our lives. If those networks refuse to broadcast what they are told, they will be taken down. Google, FB, Twitter, YouTube and many other sites will go down and never be seen again. All credit card and mortgage debt will be forgiven. MUCH will be happening and it will come very quickly. Do not however, put your hope, trust and faith in any man, but only the Lord Jesus Christ for to do so is a curse as told in Jer 17:5.
    The MOST IMPORTANT thing in this world is NOT the things (cares) of this world which is temporary, but OUR WALK WITH GOD which is spiritual and eternal. Please give a lot of thought about your eternal soul and where it will go upon the death of your flesh. No one gets to heaven but by Jesus Christ.

  2. @fairlander…..answer: “Well, just to make your list more complicated than it already was, we are actually for the first time taking a very serious look at Africa. We were in India early. We should have been in China early. My husband with Rothschild Bank was here very early. He came after the Cultural Revolution ended, and he was the first major bank to come to see the government in the 1970s. We at E.L. Rothschild, missed a few boats, regrettably in China. We invested in India pretty early, and we are looking at infrastructure in Africa right now to add to your list. Where we find the management team, we’ll make the investment.- lynn Rothschild

    https: / /english. ckgsb.  edu.   cn/knowledges/el-rothschilds-investments

    Gates is just part of management team that funds it.

    “…..they all have excellent management teams. They all have people that we believe in and we trust.-Lynn Rothschild

  3. Where is the Indian court judgement on this murder and genocide of children against men and women involved in the WHO and Blood & Murder Gates of Hell Foundation.

    The current Farmers troubles caused by government legislation is powered by the pharmceuticals + Gates – who intend to make India the cheapest vaccine maker in the world – and they need the land and cheap produce to do that.

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