White House Set To Approve Depleted Uranium Munitions For Ukraine

The Wall Street Journal reports that the White House is set to approve depleted uranium munitions for Ukraine.

The Biden administration is set to transfer depleted uranium shells to Ukraine for the first time since the Russian invasion began The Wall Street Journal reports Tuesday.

Internal administration debate over the controversial munitions has been ongoing for several months, but an admin official quoted in WSJ says at this point there are “no major obstacles” to sending it, which will be used to equip M1 Abrams tanks provided by Washington. 

DoD image

This came at the request of the Ukrainians themselves: “The Pentagon has urged that the Abrams tanks the U.S. is providing Ukraine be armed with depleted-uranium rounds, which are regularly used by the U.S. Army and are highly effective against Russian tanks,” WSJ writes.

Already the UK has been providing armor piercing rounds which contain depleted uranium for its Challenger 2 main battle tanks. This was first announced by Britain’s defense ministry in late March.

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The condemnation from the Kremlin in response to London was swift, with a Russian foreign ministry statement at the time saying it was tantamount to using a “dirty bomb” – given the highly dangerous remnant health effects on the battlefield.

While the UK defense ministry asserted that “Such rounds are highly effective in defeating modern tanks and armored vehicles,” Moscow responded “These shells not only kill, but infect the environment and cause oncology in people living on these lands.”

There have been ongoing attempts over the years of international watchdogs to get depleted uranium shells banned by international treaty. EU parliament, for example, has long pushed for a ban.

The reason why India continues to ‘reject’ US warplanes is because India would have to seek US permission if it wants to export these fighter planes.

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