White House To Hold First Hunger Conference In 50 Years

The White House is set to hold the first hunger conference in 50 years. This incident arises while food budgets in the United States are being squeezed by inflation.

White House To Hold First Hunger Conference In 50 Years

As the US continues to grapple with raging inflation, which is having an impact on food costs all across the nation, the White House has stated when it intends to conduct the first Hunger, Nutrition, and Health conference in more than 50 years.

The conference, which is scheduled to take place on September 28 in Washington, DC, is expected to bring together “government leaders, academics, activists, and Americans from all walks of life” to discuss issues that affect millions of people who are experiencing food insecurity due to rising prices.

“We will announce a national strategy at the Conference that identifies actions the government will take to catalyze the public and private sectors to drive transformative change and address the intersections between food, hunger, nutrition, and health,” a statement by White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre reads.

The government of President Biden claims its goals are to increase people’s access to and affordability of food, give them the power to make healthy food decisions, and advance research on food security in places where there is a high rate of poverty. By 2030, according to Washington, there will be no more hunger in the US.

“I’ll be convening the White House Conference with Hunger, Nutrition, and Health to bring together anti-hunger and nutrition advocates, food companies, local state governments, tribal and territory committees to lay out our plan to combat hunger and improve nutrition for every American,” Biden said in a video statement back in May.

The summit will take place at a time when many American families’ food budgets are feeling the effects of inflation. According to the Consumer Price Index, prices at grocery stores have increased by about 12.2% from the previous year.

Under the Biden presidency, inflation achieved a 40-year high of 9.1% in June and is now at 8.5%. With food, fuel, and consumer goods prices soaring, the Biden administration has kept spending recklessly, sending more than $54 billion in military and economic aid to Ukraine since February and adopting a $739 billion climate, healthcare, and tax reform measure earlier this month. While the law is titled the “Inflation Reduction Act,” the Congressional Budget Office estimates that it will burden middle-class Americans with an extra $20 billion in taxes over the next decade while having a “negligible” influence on inflation.

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  1. HA! Considering the controllers of the “White House” are the very ones who have caused the conditions that they are now pretending to search for the answer to, it’s just a big question of “hypocrites much?” Problem- reaction- solution. They can shove their damn agendas up their arses. We The People are done with them.

  2. …telling it like it really is ! great post by Kay A – thank you, Kay … we all feel the same. shalom

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