75-Year-Old’s White Hair Turns Black, Doctor Explains Why

Doctor Kuo Ta-Wei explains scalp acupuncture is the reason why the white hair of a paralysed 75 year old woman turned black.

75-Year-Old’s White Hair Turns Black, Doctor Explains Why 1

Dr. Kuo Ta-Wei, Director of Fu Yuan Chinese Medicine Clinic, gave us a story that made us wonder if our white hair would stay with us forever.

“In an integrated Chinese and Western therapy programme during the acute treatment of stroke, there was a 75-year old woman who was paralysed and motionless. We did the scalp acupuncture to stimulate the activation of acupoints,” Dr. Kuo said.

“During her hospitalisation, the white hair surrounding the scalp acupuncture points completely turned black. After she recovered, she said she looked younger after the stroke,” he said. “Because head acupuncture treatment helps to vitalize the body, enhances the metabolism, and especially stimulates the hair follicles, her grey hair gradually turned into black.”

Although not everyone can afford scalp acupuncture, Dr. Kuo believes that a decent scalp massage with a comb or fingertips can revitalise the scalp in a similar way.

“Sun Simiao, the king of medicine in the Tang Dynasty, had ’13 rules to good health.’ The first rule was to comb your hair often, and to comb it from the front of the scalp to the back,” Dr. Kuo said. “Well, even if you don’t have a comb, you can rub your hands until they’re warm, and massage your scalp from the front to the back along the meridian. This is all to help activate qi (energy) and blood and stimulate the meridians.”

To begin, he advised rubbing your palms together 36 times to warm them up. Then, starting at the forehead and working your way back across the back of your head, comb your hair with your hands. Every morning and evening, do this ten times.

“There are many important acupuncture points on the head. Doing this exercise often can improve eyesight and expel obstacles that cause stagnation of qi, prevent headaches, tinnitus, grey hair, and hair loss,” Dr. Kuo said.

Choosing a Good Comb

1. Avoid having a mouth full of thick teeth. Static electricity is easily generated by dense teeth combs, which affects the hair root while combing and pulls at the hair.

2. Stay away from plastic combs. It is preferable to use a comb composed of soft rubber, wood, or horn. Because the plastic comb is fairly firm, it is possible to injure the scalp with it.

3. Avoid using a comb with sharp teeth. The scalp might be scratched and irritated by a sharp one.

Aside from combing, Dr. Kuo provided us with five hair-care advice.

Reduce Foods That Act As Irritants

A well-balanced diet has numerous advantages.

“Replace fried meat with stewed, steamed, or roasted meat, and reduce the amount of spiciness in your meals,” Dr. Kuo adviced. “Spicy food stimulated the sympathetic nerve system to secrete adrenaline, which reduces the secretion of melanin, consequently resulting in white hair.”

“Get a good balance of proteins, zinc, the vitamin B group; this will reduce problems like oily scalps, hair loss, and grey hair,” Dr. Kuo added.

Walnuts, black sesame seeds, mulberries, black beans, and black rice are among the foods he recommends. Many dark foods, incidentally, are beneficial for the kidneys, which are responsible in traditional Chinese medicine for nourishing the body in a way that results in healthy hair.

Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

“Adopt a healthy routine by avoiding staying up, smoking, drinking alcohol; and sleep well and exercise properly,” he said. “Oily scalp is related to diet and sleep, for the most part, though your genetics have to do with it as well.”

“Many patients concerned with hair loss also report an oily scalp,” Dr. Kuo said. “It can have to do with staying up too late, stress, exhaustion, thinking too much and anxiety, psychological trauma, and accidents.”

Regularly Decompress

Dr. Kuo has seen many of his patients suffer emotionally as a result of lockdowns, and many of them have poor sleep quality as a result.

He went on to say that we need to relieve tension and strain in our life on a regular basis, and that in some circumstances, this is enough to address someone’s hair loss problems.

Avoid Chemical Treatments

Frequent chemical processing, such as dying and perming, increases not only the danger of hair loss, but also the chance of bladder cancer, according to studies.

“Even if you’re using natural products, it will slightly damage the scalp, and it’s bad for the hair follicles,” Dr. Kuo said. “Don’t use poor quality shampoo either.”

“Do not pull out your grey hairs. Pulling them damages and stimulates the surrounding hair follicles, causing hair to fall out faster,” he added.

Massage the Scalp

When shampooing, massage your scalp in addition to brushing your hair. While you’re washing your hair, press your fingertips on the scalp.

When shampooing, Dr. Kuo recommends pressing both thumbs on the acupoint in the centre of the forehead, the acupoint in the centre of the crown, and the acupoint toward the centre of the base of the skull with two thumbs to relieve pressure on the scalp, improve blood circulation, and make your hair healthier.

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