What Putin Thinks About Tucker Carlson

In an interview with Russian journalist Pavel Zarubin, Putin revealed what he thinks about Tucker Carlson calling him a ‘dangerous man.’

What Putin Thinks About Tucker Carlson 1

Regarding his recent, widely publicized interview with US journalist Tucker Carlson, Russian President Vladimir Putin has made his first remarks in public. Putin expressed disappointment that the event did not live up to his expectations and hinted that Carlson would face consequences for visiting Russia.

Tucker Carlson interviewed Putin in Russia, and the interview is available for viewing at tuckercarlson.com, focusing on the conflict in Ukraine.

In an interview with Russian journalist Pavel Zarubin, which was released on Wednesday, he expressed his opinions. The Russian leader also discussed US politics, namely how Joe Biden and Donald Trump’s presidential contest is developing.

What Putin Thinks About Tucker Carlson 2

Putin’s main remarks are outlined below.

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At least they watched it

The Western leaders who are condemning the Carlson interview have likely seen it, which is good, according to Putin. He said that Russia should be appreciative of Carlson’s role as a go-between in the absence of direct communication.

Putin noted that critics often misrepresent his remarks from the interview, adding that he had never declared that NATO intended to invade Russia from Ukrainian territory. Putin emphasized that Kiev’s persistent attacks on Donbass and its refusal to make peace with rebels in the east were the main causes of the war in Ukraine. He feels Moscow ought to have stepped in sooner.

However, the president continued, Russia does view NATO as a threat and Western leaders as dishonest in general.

Carlson is ‘dangerous’

In the sense that Carlson’s demeanor was unexpectedly courteous rather than aggressive, Putin referred to him as a “dangerous man.” Putin claimed that by not being overbearing, he denied the president a justification for pushing back.

“Because of that, frankly speaking, I didn’t fully enjoy this interview. But he stuck to his plan and carried it out,” the leader stated.

Carlson knew the risks

Although it is unlikely that Carlson will run into legal trouble for speaking with Putin, the Russian president thinks that “in today’s America it is hypothetically possible.”

Putin went on to imply that the journalist was aware of what he was getting into, claiming that if Carlson was taken into custody, “the ‘liberal democratic’ dictatorship… is showing its true face.” The president said that while this would be bad for Carlson, it would be wonderful in other ways.

Blinken is ‘our guy’

During their interview, Carlson declined to bring up anti-Semitism in Russia and the historical pogroms against the Jewish people. Rather, the Russian leader claimed that once the cameras were turned off, the two discussed it.

Putin stated that the pogroms can be brought up by Western politicians “to demonize Russia, show that barbarians, scoundrels, and bandits live here.” He used US Secretary of State Antony Blinken as an example; he is descended from a line of Jewish emigrants from Russia.

Putin pointed out that Blinken’s forefathers had left Kiev, thus the president claimed that by claiming that his family fled persecution in Russia, he was inadvertently admitting that Ukraine did not exist in the early 20th century.

“It appears Mr. Blinken is our guy. But he should not make such public statements, or his cover will be blown,” Putin joked.

Biden preferable to Trump

According to Putin, Moscow would prefer that US President Joe Biden stay in office than that Donald Trump win this year. The Russian leader describes the Democrat as an “experienced and predictable” old-school politician. However, he continued, Moscow is prepared to collaborate with the person the Americans choose to govern their nation.

Putin denied the idea that Biden is experiencing cognitive impairment, stating that during their in-person encounter in 2021, he had not observed any indication of such.

The Russian president said that fears within the EU that a second Trump presidency would be disastrous for the bloc are exaggerated. Putin claimed that despite Trump’s tendency to put “America first,” his actual policies were not all that dissimilar from those of other Washington politicians.

He used George W. Bush as an example, who, for self-serving nationalistic reasons, pulled his nation out of the Kyoto Protocol in 2001, a major international pact meant to combat climate change.

Nazi granddad is not an issue

Putin was also questioned over the German crisis involving Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock, who has revealed her late grandfather to be a devout Nazi. The president declared it was unfair to hold them accountable for the crimes committed by their forefathers.

Putin said that Baerbock’s disdain for national interests makes her seem antagonistic to her nation, and that is why Germans should be concerned.

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