What is Cryptocurrency NEO and how Does it Work?

The cryptocurrency market offers various projects used for different purposes. These are blockchain games, NFTs, platforms for smart contracts, DeFi projects, products connected with the financial sector, etc. The most attention now belongs to projects that connect real sector enterprises with blockchain technologies. And one of them is NEO crypto

The project was founded in 2014, and it is still developing and improving. The founders aimed to develop a product that would allow for digitizing the real sector economy. NEO crypto project experienced popularity in China, where they called it “Chinese Ethereum”. After a while, its founders held ICO to attract investments for development and make the Neo project perfect. 

NEO is a native crypto asset of the platform, and it takes direct participation in digitising assets from the real world. Due to the AntShares blockchain, users can digitise any asset and conduct operations with it. This tokenization system is supposed to be the base for the future economy that will develop together with blockchain. 

Some Facts about NEO Crypto

Here are some interesting facts about the project:

  • It has support for common programming languages;
  • allows to create smart contracts;
  • offers speedy transactions;
  • connects the real sector with blockchain.

Despite all the advantages, there are also shortcomings: there is a lack of privacy since all the participants can be identified. On the other hand, the platform is managed in a centralized way, which does not fit the principle of decentralization. 

Where to Buy NEO Coin?

NEO is available on many popular crypto exchanges, including the most popular Binance, Coinbase, WhiteBIT, etc. WhiteBIT cryptocurrency exchange is a good option for its interface is easy to handle, and you can even pick a mode for yourself – advanced or beginner. The exchange provides a high level of safety for funds and clients’ data, holding 96% of assets offline and only 6% in circulation. It is Europe’s largest platform with accreditation in Estonia.

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