What Awaits the Entertainment Industry in 2022 After COVID-19: Forecasts by Experts

We all wonder what awaits the entertainment industry in the new year. Will sports betting in the portal 20-bet.in conquer the entire Internet, or will it be replaced by something radically different? Or maybe we will all move together into virtual space? Experts offer their predictions in this regard. Our reality is becoming increasingly digital, and 2022 is no exception. After all the suffering because of COVID-19, there are a lot of good things ahead. We only need to believe!

Prediction 1: Gathering Outside Again

Toward the middle of the year, various forms of entertainment outside the home will become popular again: movie theaters, concerts, theaters, theme parks, workshops, etc. No matter how we look at it, we are all human, and we need contact with the real world, especially in contrast to the already annoying digital communication.

When the pandemic is finally over (or at least it can be controlled with vaccines and reliable tests), the entertainment sector will be booming. But some things have changed forever.

Technical innovations are helping us and are firmly entrenched in our daily lives: contactless payments, home delivery of food, drinks, and other goods, traffic monitoring, and queue management.

Prediction 2: Virtual Reality Thrives

Singers, musicians, and other celebrities have been using the Internet for years to communicate with their fans directly, without being tied to physical locations that may be closed or inaccessible. After all, it is the fans that increase the stars’ income. Virtual reality allows an unlimited number of people to view artists’ performances from anywhere in the world (even from home). Interaction is not limited to live concerts online.

For example, a new Internet service “Cameo” has recently appeared, where ordinary people can order actors, athletes, and other celebrities to congratulate them on a certain date and not only. And the virtual concert of Travis Scott with the effect of full immersion on the game platform “Fortnite” in April 2020 became a real sensation. New forms of virtual contact are not replacing, but complementing live performances.

We see that there is a huge demand for media services from fans who are eager to get up close and personal with their idols. Thus, artists who actively use the power of the Internet are somewhat insured against future pandemic attacks.

Prediction 3: Remote Work Becomes the Norm

Lockdown in 2020 has led to increased use of online calling and other remote work technologies. The experience has turned out to be generally positive, as this type of employment is efficient and reduces costs. So in the future, more virtual contacts and less travel are expected in the entertainment industry as well.

Technology companies, sensing the demand, go further and release special software on the market to create special effects and optimize other processes. So businesses are getting new opportunities. This is a plus, but there is also a minus: the demand for commercial real estate is falling, as media companies are reducing their costs for rent and are moving into the digital world, a trend that is becoming more and more relevant. The pandemic has had a negative impact on the entertainment industry as a whole, but it has accelerated the emergence of “digital man” technology.

It was this development that allowed Carrie Fisher to appear on screen as Princess Leia even after her death.

Forecast 4: Computer Games Remain Popular

The gaming sector, which only benefited from lockdown during the coronavirus pandemic, continues to grow rapidly. 5G technology and mobile games with cloud storage are only accelerating the process. Other entertainment services are taking a closer look at the lucrative business models of the gaming sector, for example, music app authors are adopting them.

This, too, is in the interests of celebrities, because their fans are willing to shell out money to get the online attention and support of their idols. At the same time, virtual sports, estimated to be worth more than a billion dollars in assets in the United States alone, continue to grow by leaps and bounds, thanks to the advent of high-speed Internet and the involvement of well-known brands.

Many adults hadn’t even heard of it until children in quarantine told their parents about the novelty. Predict that in 2022, virtual sports will have an audience larger than traditional sports in all major sports except soccer.

Prediction 5: Algorithms Improve

Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues its triumphal march, gradually penetrating all areas of our lives. The shocks of 2020 have clearly shown us the pros and cons of AI adoption. Facebook and Google used these algorithms and other tricks to please their shareholders, and now their representatives are facing antitrust lawsuits.

On the other hand, AI has helped to see the value of the content that users themselves create, whose posts and videos inspire others. Although TikTok has been at the center of a geopolitical scandal, its popularity confirms this simple truth, because users’ mini-stories are often very creative and spontaneous.

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