What Americans Are Most Worried About

According to Statista’s Consumer Insights survey, what Americans are most worried about is inflation or cost of living and crime.

What Americans Are Most Worried About 1

The most significant issues facing American adults at the moment and how those priorities have changed over time are being monitored by Statista’s Consumer Insights survey.

The following graphic, courtesy of Statista’s Anna Fleck, offers a brief overview of these, presenting the top eight concerns, out of a total of 20, from both the survey wave conducted at the beginning of the epidemic and the most current survey wave.

What Americans Are Most Worried About 2

In the previous edition, health and social security ranked highest, probably about COVID-19; by 2023–2024, that percentage had decreased by six points. Meanwhile, the cost of living and inflation have increased, moving from third to first place (+13 percentage points).

A decrease in the percentage of respondents mentioning immigration in the most recent wave and a rise in the percentage reporting crime are two other noteworthy trends. Six of the eight most recent concerns that respondents felt were most important are social. The one environmental item, climate change, barely made the list, ranking 10th with 30% of respondents, behind unemployment with 31%.

This graph indicates that more American individuals are thinking about housing and poverty, if not more immediately than they were a few years ago. While 32% of respondents ranked poverty as one of the most significant concerns affecting the nation at the moment, poverty and education had previously tied for ninth place in 2019–20. In the most recent survey wave, that percentage increased to 37%. In a similar vein, housing, which previously ranked 11th with 22 percent of respondents, has now moved up to position 6 with 36 percent choosing the option.

As recently reported by GreatGameIndia, Pew Research reveals the top tax system frustrations among Americans, with most citing that the wealthy and corporations don’t pay their “fair share.”

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