West Has Unleashed Information War Against India For Stance On Ukraine

India restated its steadfast stance on the Ukraine issue on Monday, emphasizing communication and diplomacy between the sides. As a result, the West has unleashed an information war against India for its stance on Ukraine.

West Has Unleashed Information War Against India For Stance On Ukraine

Since Moscow began its special military campaign in Ukraine, unfounded accusations of financial dealings between India and Russia have appeared in the Western media. India made it clear that it will make judgments based on its own national interests by refusing to adopt the US-led strategy for resolving the Ukrainian problem.

According to Indian analysts, the US and Europe launched a propaganda war against the Indian government on international platforms since India disagreed with unilateral sanctions against Russia.

The founder of the Forum for Global Studies, Sandeep Tripathi, believes that Western media reporting and editorials are skewed.

“It is the part of information warfare that is being unleashed by the Western Media, particularly on India’s stand on the Russia-Ukraine conflict,” Tripathi said.

Unfounded allegations were made against India by the British newspaper The Guardian, which claimed that Russia used India as a backdoor to provide the European market with oil. It was released hours before Narendra Modi, the prime minister of India, was scheduled to attend the G-7 summit in Germany.

“New Delhi has sidelined all the tactical pressure since the ongoing [Ukraine crisis] at every platform, i.e., United Nations Security Council, Quad, etc. A divided West is not in a position to pressure a country like India, which enjoys decisional autonomy,” Tripathi underlined.

With regard to the almost 10-fold increase in Russian oil imports since March of this year, several Western pundits criticized India for continuing its connections with that country. India has paid less than $3.2 billion for discounted Russian oil.

The monthly export-import data disproved the reports, showing that crude oil purchases on a monthly basis remain at the pre-conflict level and were disclosed by India’s Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas.

“India doesn’t believe in any kind of war funding. India’s relationship with Russia is based on mutual trust and compatibility,” Tripathi added.

The G-7 leaders have received a categorical message from Prime Minister Narendra Modi that India will continue to act in its own best interests in order to maintain its energy security.

The West has a “diplomatic issue with India’s special and reciprocal relationship with Russia” according to renowned economist Yogendra Kapoor of Delhi.

One of the top classification firms in the world, India’s Register of Shipping, refuted a Reuters article on Monday that accused it of approving the safety of a number of ships operated by the prestigious Russian shipping company Sovcomflot.

In reaction to US-led sanctions against Moscow, Western certifiers withdrew their services, and Reuters charged Indian Register of Shipping with facilitating oil deliveries to India and other countries by acting as a safety net.

“The vessels are operated by various entities in Dubai and in other parts of the world. None of the companies which own the ships are registered in Russia,” the press statement read.

The Indian group has also slammed Reuters for using the terms “international” and “global” sanctions in its report, claiming that the “vast majority of countries around the world” have not imposed restrictions on Russia.

“As far as we are aware there are no United Nations-mandated sanctions on Russia. These descriptions, in fact, refer to sanctions issued by the United States of America and some European countries,” it added.

India restated its steadfast stance on the Ukraine issue on Monday, emphasizing communication and diplomacy between the sides.

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    We will take of China when time comes…

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