WEF Wants To Microchip Your Kids

Implanted chips are going to be promoted as a fashionable status symbol by mainstream society and influencers. This is how the WEF wants to microchip your kids.

WEF Wants To Microchip Your Kids

The World Economic Forum issued a piece proposing that implanting microchips into kids would be a “solid, rational” decision, which did not help their reputation as a Bond villain.

The concept is presented in a blog post about the future of augmented reality and a “augmented society” on the webpage of the Davos elite.

“As scary as chip implants may sound, they form part of a natural evolution that wearables once underwent. Hearing aids or glasses no longer carry a stigma, ” the article claims, seemingly neglecting that spectacles and hearing aids are not implanted within the body and can not be manipulated by outside influences.

“They are accessories and are even considered a fashion item. Likewise, implants will evolve into a commodity ,” predicts scientist Kathleen Philips, hinting that implanted chips would be promoted as a fashionable status symbol by mainstream society and influencers.

The article promotes the idea that augmented people are unavoidable and that in order to “ethically” control the technology, global elites must have a monopoly on it.

The technology requires “the right support, vision, and audacity,” which shall be supplied, obviously, by your technocratic rulers, the same ones who are urgently seeking to censor the Internet so they can not be challenged.

“The augmenting technology will help in all stages of life: children in a learning environment, professionals at work and ambitious senior citizens. There are many possibilities,” writes Philips.

“Should you implant a tracking chip in your child?” asks the scientist, adding, “There are solid, rational reasons for it, like safety.”

World Economic Forum president Klaus Schwab predicted that the fourth industrial revolution would “lead to a fusion of our physical, digital and biological identity” through implantable microchips that can monitor your thoughts in his book “The Great Reset.”

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla informed Schwab at this year’s Davos gathering of world elitists that “ingestible pills” — a pill with a small microchip chip that would transmit a wireless signal to the appropriate authorities when the medication has been eaten — would soon be available.

“Imagine the compliance,” said Bourla.

“It wasn’t that long ago that those speculating on a future where this is happening would get dismissed as conspiracy theorists, but now the world elites’ most vocal outlet is predicting that chip implants will eventually become just a commodity,” writes Didi Rankovic.

Before removing the newsletter that carried the unsettling prognosis, an Australian primary school projected that “microchips in students’ brains” would exist within 10 years.

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