Weaponizing Everything, Including Lawyers And Balloons: China’s 1999 Manual For Defeating America

The People’s Liberation Army’s “Unrestricted Warfare” manual, which was released in February 1999, is being used to defeat America by weaponizing everything, including lawyers and balloons.

Weaponizing Everything, Including Lawyers And Balloons: China’s 1999 Manual For Defeating America 1

The Huge Chinese Balloon went close to ICBM silo fields, strategic bomber sites, important global logistics hubs (Charleston, for instance), and major Army and USAF headquarters on its airborne voyage over North America.

Not merely the wind blowing the balloon around. Its planned military route informs reasonable Americans and Canadians—reasonable being a qualification that excludes media influencers and politicians bought off or threatened by communist China—that the balloon was spying on crucial North American security installations.

The Feb. 20 story in The Wall Street Journal headed “China’s Newest Weapon to Capture Western Technology—Its Courts” deserves special mention.

Officials from the U.S. and the EU, according to the report, “accuse China of using its courts and patent panels to undermine foreign intellectual-property rights and help Chinese businesses. They say China is focusing such efforts on industries it deems important, including technology, pharmaceuticals, and rare-earth minerals.”

Beijing has turned its legal system into a tool for technological theft.

Beijing’s police operations are planned and coordinated. The Journal reports that the EU is suing China for trying to prevent European businesses from defending their patents in courts outside of China. “It is puzzling that so many cases went wrong at the same time.,” a corporate official bemoaned.

In essence, communist China is engaged in a battle to rule the world. The Chinese government has militarised every form of technology, media, and communication used for interpersonal and business interactions in order to achieve this purpose.

The People’s Liberation Army’s “Unrestricted Warfare” research, which was released in February 1999, isn’t a war strategy, according to informed minds. It is not a step-by-step strategy, but rather a strategic and lethal intellectual manual that China’s communist leaders are utilizing to overthrow the United States and create a world under Chinese rule.

Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui are the authors. Both men were colonels in the People’s Liberation Army Air Force when they wrote “Unrestricted Warfare.” Later, Qiao was promoted to major general.

Full-spectrum warfare is covered in Chapter 2. “The War God’s Face Has Become Indistinct” is the title in English.

Weather balloons and legal jargon are weapons that can weaken US capabilities in China’s protracted conflict with the US.

The chapter outlines various forms of conflict that China can use to harm the United States without running the risk of a military response.

Start with the war on drugs. About selling narcotics, the writers say, “obtaining sudden and huge illicit profits by spreading disaster in other countries.” It was one of Qiao and Wang’s hypothetical alternatives in 1999. Fentanyl is destroying American society in 2023. Beijing’s method of delivering this weapon in the war on drugs? Mexican drug gangs.

Other Qiao and Wang possibilities are listed below with their comments in parentheses.

— Psychological warfare (“spreading rumors to intimidate the enemy and break down his will).

— Smuggling warfare (“throwing markets into confusion and attacking economic order”).

— Media warfare ( “manipulating what people see and hear in order to lead public opinion along”).

— International law warfare (“seizing the earliest opportunity to set up regulations”). Another wrinkle is the use of courts to steal technology.

— Resources warfare (“plundering stores of resources”). China used shady contracts and bribery in its quest to seize control of the cobalt reserves in the Congo. That is considered white-collar theft.

— Economic aid warfare (“bestowing favor in the open and contriving to control matters in secret”). Managing situations covertly suggests corruption, blackmail, and intimidation. Resource warfare and the idea go hand in hand.

— Cultural warfare (“leading cultural trends along in order to assimilate those with different views”). China has invested enormous sums of money to sway Hollywood and social media. Teenagers in America adore the TikTok app, which is developed in China. Yet, TikTok and related applications could be used for eavesdropping and spreading disinformation with negative psychological and social effects.

An article released last year on a report has brought forth shocking news about China’s espionage plot at US weapons and nuclear labs, as they kept swaying key senior experts from the United States.

Some states have outlawed TikTok. We have the ability to fight back.

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