Weaponizing E-Girls: How US Military Uses Youtube And TikTok To Improve Its Image

Subscribers of e-girls claim that the US military is utilizing YouTube and TikTok to enhance its image, in an effort to address the shortage of volunteers that has persisted for years.

US military personnel often share their everyday life on TikTok. Some joke around and play pranks on their companions, others share what they do and eat in the army, etc. 

One of today’s most popular ‘military influencers’ is Hayley Lujan, also known as lunchbaglujan. Lujan is known for her provocative, somewhat cynical sense of humor, friendship with Donald Trump’s son, and the fact that she is not a simple soldier, but a specialist in Psyops – Psychological Operations.

The career platform for US military recruits states that such “Soldiers are known for their communication expertise—using unconventional tactics to persuade and influence foreign allies and enemies in support of U.S. Army objectives.” 

Lujan’s subscribers are aware of this. They assume that her account is part of a carefully designed marketing strategy. The influencer’s goal is to help bolster the reputation of the US military, particularly in the eyes of zoomers. Or, as the authors of “Know Your Meme” say“to get ‘simps’ and the dudes who reply to every picture of boobs with ‘OMG DM me’ to enlist”.

Empty barracks 

The US Armed Forces have been experiencing a shortage of volunteers for several years. Despite reductions in military staff (over the past 40 years, the number of personnel decreased by nearly half), the service is still short on recruits. 

In 2022, the military only managed to recruit 45,000 servicemen out of a planned 60,000. As a result, the Secretary of the Army Christine Wormuth announced that members of the National Guard and the Army Reserve may be called up for active service. Units could also be further reduced since it may be impossible to fully staff all existing detachments.

Recruitment to the Air Force and Navy was more successful, but only because it involved candidates who were not able to start service in 2021. 

FILE PHOTO. Army recruiter Staff Sgt. Pablo Valdez Martinez (L) chats with a potential Army recruit in the new office for the City Hall Recruiting Station in lower Manhattan in New York. ©  Photo by Chris Hondros/Getty Images

According to the government’s submission, the US Military will face a COVID-19 vaccine lawsuit after asking to relieve Moderna of any liability for patent infringement resulting in the performance of the “1100” contract.

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