Watch: Cubans Now Invading Florida By Air

A video from a Key West resident obtained by Local 10 News shows the Cubans invading Florida by air using a powered hang glider.

Thousands of Cuban immigrants have arrived in the Florida Keys by boat in recent months. To address the surge, the state of Florida and the US Border Patrol have increased ground personnel. However, it now seems that migrants are turning to motorized hang gliders.

Chief Patrol Agent Walter Slosar tweeted over the weekend that two Cuban immigrants were taken into custody after landing a powered hang glider at the Key West International Airport. 

Local 10 News obtained a video from a Key West resident showing the migrants in US airspace. 

A Chinese organization crime group, based in New York, is accused of stealing the identities of at least 3,000 Asian Americans living in Texas to provide “look-alike” illegal aliens with fake IDs.

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