Watch: 21-Year-Old Suspect Jack Teixeira Arrested In Pentagon Leak

According to reports from the Washington Examiner and other outlets, a 21-year-old suspect named Jack Teixeira was arrested in relation to the Pentagon leak, which involved the leaking of hundreds of classified documents.

21-year-old National Guardsman Jack Teixeira has been arrested in connection with the leak of hundreds of classified documents, according to the Washington Examiner and several other outlets.

Teixeira was identified by the NY Times ahead of his arrest at his home in Dighton, Mass Thursday afternoon. Television footage appeared to show armed personnel leading a male wearing red shorts and a green short with his hands cuffed behind his back, the WSJ reports.

Two police cruisers from the town of Dighton were blocking the road near a residence associated with Mr. Teixeira. They declined to speak about why they had blocked the road. A row of people who say they lived on the street were waiting to pass.

One neighbor said the police began blocking off the street around noon. At least one vehicle outside the police blockade had U.S. government license plates. -WSJ

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The Pentagon Leaker has been discovered to be a young, charismatic gun enthusiast who shared highly classified documents with a group of far-flung acquaintances, seeking companionship amid the isolation of the pandemic called OG.

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