Waste Of Time To Keep Vaccinating People Claims Former Head of UK Vaccine Taskforce

A very reputed physician from the UK has claimed that vaccination is a waste of time. Dr. Clive Dix who has a different perspective on the implementation of the vaccine discusses his opinions.

Waste Of Time To Keep Vaccinating People Claims Former Head of UK Vaccine Taskforce

Vaccinating individuals against COVID is a “waste of time,” according to the former chairman of Britain’s Vaccines Taskforce.

Dr. Clive Dix, who aided pharmaceutical companies in developing the COVID-19 vaccinations, told LBC radio on Jan. 16: “The Omicron variant is a relatively mild virus. And to just keep vaccinating people and thinking of doing it again to protect the population is, in my view, now a waste of time.”

Dix believes that the emphasis ought to be on safeguarding susceptible individuals, particularly ones over 60, amongst which 2% still remains unvaccinated.

“We should have a highly-focused approach to get those people vaccinated and anybody else who’s vulnerable,” he said.

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Although he endorses the current booster initiative, he has already been “critical” of boosting everyone because he does not believe “it was needed or is needed” for young folks.

Dix said, “I think the thinking of the time was very much to stop infection and transmission where clearly these vaccines don’t do that.”

He stated that the administration must be “very focused” on educating itself in preparation for the “future vaccination programme” that will take place next winter.

He proposed doing a “immune status study” to “understand exactly where everybody’s immunity is” just so “by next winter, we can really have a policy of vaccination that’s educated, using the right vaccines at the right time for the right people.”

Last week, Dix informed The Observer that mass vaccination against COVID-19 should be phased down and that the UK ought to focus on managing it as an endemic disease similar to flu.

“We now need to manage disease, not virus spread,” he said. “So stopping progression to severe disease in vulnerable groups is the future objective.”

Medical advisers to the UK government have already stated that vaccinating the population every three or six months is “untenable.”

Sir Patrick Vallance, the UK’s principal scientific adviser, stated on Jan. 3 that giving everybody a booster shot once every months is not the government’s “long-term view.”

Professor Andrew Pollard, director of the Oxford Vaccine Group and chair of the government’s Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization (JCVI), notified The Telegraph that  to “vaccinate the planet every four to six months” is “not sustainable or affordable.”

The UK government’s vaccination advisory committee advised against delivering a fourth dosage of COVID-19 immunization to nursing home residents and those over the age of 80 on Jan. 7.

The three vaccination doses continue to provide “very good protection against severe disease,” according to the JCVI, and also a subsequent second booster dosage towards the most susceptible would “provide only limited additional benefit against severe disease at this time.”

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