Washington Judge Orders Female-only Spa With Compulsory Nudity To Admit Transgender Women With Penises

A Washington District Court judge has issued an order requiring Olympus Spa, a family-owned female-only spa with compulsory nudity, to admit transgender women, including those with penises.

A women’s spa, where nudity is compulsory, has been ordered by a judge to admit pre-op trans women with penises after an activist complained when the owner tried to ban them. 

Olympus Spa had attempted to sue the Washington State Human Rights Commission (WSHRC) after being ordered to change their rules. 

Trans woman Haven Wilvich’s membership application for the Korean spa was declined. She alleged the spa told her ‘transgender women without surgery are not welcome’ and complained to the commission.

The family-owned spa, which has a branch on the outskirts of Seattle and one in Tacoma, is modeled on Jjimjilbang  – sex-segregated bath houses in Korea – and offers monthly memberships and day passes. 

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Now, a Washington District Court has dismissed the lawsuit filed by the spa and upheld the original ruling by the WSHRC.  The Pacific Northwest state is one of several Dem-run areas where trans people are permitted to use facilities which align with their gender without question. 

In her judgement, District Court Judge Barbara Jacobs Rothstein upheld the ruling made by the WSHRC and said that the measures taken to the prevent the spa from having a female-only policy had been lawful. 

Haven Wilvich, pictured, had applied to join the spa but was denied. Olympus Spa offers memberships and day passes 
Wilvich claimed the spa said ‘transgender women without surgery are not welcome’ and complained to the commission

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  1. “without surgery” is key here – let these MALES prove they’re serious by having their penis cut off – my guess is 95% ? will balk at that requirement. These people have mental problems that need to be treated – just look at the explosion of people saying they are trans these days – it’s hip so go for it. Now cut it off and let’s see where you really stand.

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