Drunken Ukrainian Air Force Captain Smash His Volkswagen Into MiG-29 Fighter

Pictures of collision of a MiG-29 Fighter and Volkswagen have emerged on social media indicating a drunken Ukrainian Air Force Officer smashing his car into a Ukrainian Air Force MiG-29 Fulcrum and causing damage to it.

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Drunken Ukrainian Air Force Captain Smash His Volkswagen Into MiG-29 Fighter

The basic details of the accident were announced publically shortly after it happened on 10th March by Command Central of Air Force of Ukraine. This accident took place at Vasylkiv Air Base in central Ukraine. The flight line collision left the driver injured and jet with substantial damage.

As per some statements on Facebook, there was no pilot on board and fighter jet was being towed after accident. An investigation was launched after the incident. Driver also suffered many injuries.

The Touran was the personal vehicle of Ukrainian Air Force Captain as per law enforcement authorities. He is 47-year old and his name is not disclosed. He was drunk at the time of the incident. An investigation has been opened in the case.

A picture reportedly showing the rear of the MiG-29 after the accident earlier this week.
The remains of the Volkswagen Touran after the collision.
The remains of the Volkswagen Touran after the collision.
The remains of the Volkswagen Touran after the collision.

Accident pictures on social media shows the whole story of the incident. Touran slammed into the jet and it was being towed as shown in the pictures. Touran pictures show some damage to its front end and driver also suffered injuries on chest and face.

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The Mig-29 is taken to repair and it may take a long time in repairing and service. This has been determined to be a total loss. In present, the Ukrainian Air Force has 35 MiG-29s in service. This country has been also working to upgrade these aircraft with improved avionics, navigation suites, defensive systems and new radars.

In Ukrainian military, drug and alcohol is a common issue and now it is getting worse.

Ukrainian journalist Dmitry Gordon said one individual fighting in a pro-Ukrainian government volunteer unit in 2014 had told him that “our first enemy is separatists and Russian mercenaries, the second one is Ukrainian high command, the third one is alcohol, it is almost impossible to fight against it.”

One government advisor described individuals mobilized during the initial phase of the war in 2014-2015 as “alcoholics and [draft] dodgers, drug addicts and morons,” according to John Andrew’s 2016 book The World in Conflict: Understanding the World’s Troublespots.

This is not the only country that has been facing such issues within its military. Last year, a video emerged on social media showing drunken Russian troops driving a BMP-3 armored fighting vehicle via a wall along the airport perimeter.

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