Volkswagen Cars Now Will Come With ChatGPT

Volkswagen cars will now come with ChatGPT on all of VW’s models for more realistic communication between the vehicle and the driver.

Volkswagen Cars Now Will Come With ChatGPT 1

Volkswagen has announced that it will begin integrating OpenAI’s ChatGPT into its cars in the second quarter of 2024, joining the generative AI bandwagon.

The chatbot will be accessible in all of VW’s models, including the Tiguan, Passat, Golf, and ID series of electric cars. Although details are still being worked out, the function will initially launch in Europe and will perhaps be extended to US clients.

VW is enhancing its IDA in-car voice assistant with ChatGPT to allow for more realistic communication between the vehicle and the driver. The new, extremely powerful voice assistant in cars can be used by owners to answer “general knowledge questions” or to operate standard features like air conditioning and heating. (However, considering ChatGPT’s tendency to occasionally make stuff up, user discretion is advised.)

A post about the Blue Screen of Death on a Ford car has gone viral on social media, which was found to be due to the failure of the OTA update.

In case you’re perplexed by the potential necessity of ChatGPT in your vehicle, Volkswagen claims that further features could demonstrate its value. The business claims that users can “enrich conversations, clear up questions, interact in intuitive language, receive vehicle-specific information, and much more—purely hands-free.”

VW assures you that installing any apps or making a new account won’t be required. Using the wake words “Hello IDA” or tapping a button on the steering wheel will initiate the chatbot. Additionally, your driving statistics are not being shared with OpenAI. VW claims that to guarantee the highest level of data protection, queries, and responses are “deleted immediately.”

OpenAI said last year that it would be launching a platform that would allow developers to customize ChatGPT for particular use cases. OpenAI is referring to these AI agents as GPTs, and they will be available via the GPT Store.

The majority of car voice assistants are rather basic; they can activate window defrosters and seat warmers, for example, but they are not very good at having conversations or handling more complicated navigational commands. It’s typical to experience false positives and have to orally repeat instructions. A lot of manufacturers depend on choices provided by other developers, such as Alexa from Amazon and Assistant from Google.

Numerous defamation and copyright infringement cases have been filed against OpenAI, and ChatGPT and other big language model chatbots have been known to provide misleading information.

While many automakers are announcing intentions to use massive language models and generative AI to improve their vehicles at the annual CES show in Las Vegas, Volkswagen is the first to formally use the chatbot that is most recognized for starting the most recent AI arms race.

VW claims that Cerence, a third-party software provider that creates “automotive grade” ChatGPT connections, is the reason it can include OpenAI’s chatbot in its vehicles. VW’s voice assistant will be improved by the company’s Cerence Chat Pro software, enabling it to “provide relevant responses to nearly every query imaginable.”

The fact that VW is pursuing ChatGPT while other automakers are “testing” its suitability for usage in cars is quite instructive. VW, one of the largest automakers globally, had a difficult 2023 marked by low sales growth, software issues, and layoffs. The company is obviously in need of a boost, and it appears that riding the AI hype train would lend them a veneer of technological innovation.

When internet jokers found out that a California Chevy dealership was employing ChatGPT as its online assistance, hopefully, it took notice.

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