Visualizing US GDP By Industry In 2023

Using data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis, Govind Bhutada of Visual Capitalist has visualized US GDP by industry in 2023.

Visualizing US GDP By Industry In 2023 1

The largest GDP in the world is generated by the diverse and intricate industries that make up the US economy.

Govind Bhutada of Visual Capitalist breaks it down, visualizing the US GDP by industry in 2023 using data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis. He demonstrated this by taking the difference between gross production and the cost of intermediate inputs and using the dollar value added by industry as a measure.

The Top 10 U.S. Industries by GDP

The United States annualized GDP as of Q1 2023 is $26.5 trillion.

Private industries account for 23.5 trillion, or 88%, of this total. The federal, state, and municipal governments spend the remaining $3 trillion.

The following lists the major private sectors in the US by contribution to the economy:

The majority of the US economy, like that of most other industrialized countries, is centered on services.

The majority (70%) of the U.S. GDP is comprised of service-based sectors, such as banking, real estate, health care, professional and business services, and insurance. Construction, mining, manufacturing, and agriculture are examples of industries that produce things but have a limited function.

With $3.5 trillion in value-added, professional and business services is the largest industry. It consists of businesses offering advisory, administrative, design, and legal services, among others. At $3.3 trillion, real estate comes next. Real estate has always played a crucial role in the economy.

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Although the manufacturing sector’s GDP share has been falling for decades due to outsourcing and other issues, it still contributes significantly to the economy. Value added from the manufacturing of nondurable items (food, fuel, chemicals) is $1.3 trillion, whereas value added from durable goods (metals, machinery, computers) is $1.6 trillion.

The Government’s Contribution to GDP

Similar to private sectors, the government’s contribution to GDP is comprised of employee remuneration, taxes collected (net of subsidies), and gross operational surplus.

The majority of value added is accounted for by state and municipal government spending, which is mostly directed towards the public welfare and education sectors. The federal government contributes around $948 billion to the GDP, of which 52% is used for national defense.

The Fastest Growing Industries (2022–2032)

The industries that produce services are expected to enjoy the fastest output growth over the next ten years.

Based on data from the Bureau of Labour Statistics, the table below lists the five fastest-growing industries in the United States in terms of total output between 2022 and 2032:

The information sector is home to three of the fastest-growing industries, highlighting the expanding significance of technology and digital infrastructure. In the meanwhile, despite the energy transition, the industry for extracting oil and gas is expected to develop, demonstrating the continued need for conventional energy sources.

All things considered, the growth of these sectors points to the United States continuing its transition to a services-based economy. However, it’s equally important to note the growing interdependence of the industries that provide goods and services today. For instance, it’s increasingly typical for manufacturers to employ software in their processes, and tech companies to create devices.

Thus, other interconnected sectors of the varied U.S. economy may benefit from the impending wave of expansion in service-based companies.

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