The Vaccine Spike Wars

First, let’s survey the casualties littering the global battlefield.

The Vaccine Spike Wars

Claim: Big Pharma has killed around 20 million people and wounded over 2.2 billion. See here for how this claim is derived.

20 million saved or 20 million killed – by Peter Halligan (

Those wounded will develop morbidities in the months and years to come, so this is the butcher’s bill so far.

This genocide has been perpetrated by stealth. Data is withheld that would expose the extent of the genocide, leaving researchers to look to other evidence of crimes against humanity.

Big Pharma’s legal defence is “the US Government made me do it”.

Let’s look at some background data to answer the question “What has been the impact on the course of the pandemic and what has motivated people into taking the lethal injection?”

2020 was the first year of the pandemic with no injections present and effective treatments banned by health regulators. Treatment protocols like HCQ+AzM+Zn and IVM were known to be at least 80% effective for early treatment and prophylaxis and slightly less effective for mid-stage cures. Instead, known ineffective and toxic treatment protocols with staggeringly high mortality rates (around 50%) were used. For example, working treatment protocols cost peanuts (around 10 bucks) whilst Remdesivir costs thousands.

At the end of 2020 with no injections in use, globally, there were 1.7 million deaths with CoVID-19 present from 70 million cases diagnosed with a useless RT-PCR test (withdrawn because it could not distinguish between any flu virus or variant). “Old flu” disappeared as all “old flu” cases were categorized as “new flu” = SARS-COV2 virus that leads to CoVID-19 deaths.

Coronavirus Graphs: Worldwide Cases and Deaths – Worldometer (

Note that the mortality rate for the COVID-19 disease below the age of 65 is, to all intents and purposes, ZERO. Those that died had already lived 2 years longer than life expectancy and had 2-6 conditions/diseases that were already killing them. To put it inanely, “Get CoVID-19, live 2 years longer”.

Note also that “old flu” disappeared completely from the Northern Hemisphere over the period of the pandemic.

The Flu-Cooties Versus The Covid-Cooties | Welcome To Western Globohomo Inc. (

Step forward 20 months to the present and with 12.7 billion injections of varying quality, administered in different ways (aspirated or not aspirated) we have 620 million cases and 6.5 million deaths.

So, claims made in clinical trials that “cases” (and hence deaths and hospitalizations) would be reduced by 95% have been “blown out of the water” as there has been an increase in the annualized rate of “cases” from the 70 million in the year without injections – 2020 – to 330 million per annum (+550 million in 20 months to September 2022). The mortality rate has increased from 1.7 million for the 2020 year to 2.9 million per annum (+4.8 million deaths over 20 months).

Note that there have been 600 million recoveries from 620 million cases WITH NO HELP FROM “VACCINES” – “vaccines” that do no prevent infection, transmission, hospitalization or death and instead kill and maim at alarmingly high rates (one death for 635 injections and one “event” for every six injections – based on 20 million dead and 2.2 billion injuries from 12.7 billion doses administered).

I agree with the smart young lady in this video that bears out Rule #1 of vaccinology – do NOT vaccinate into a pandemic. The clinical trails CAUSED the emergence of the deadly delta variant (and likely the mild omicron variant). Skip to 2:10 here.

Rise of the VARIANTS – YouTube

Health regulators knew all this IN ADVANCE and proceeded anyway. Dr Malone references this analysis of Pfizer clinical trials – see pages 11 and 12 for the claimed reduction in cases BUT massive increase in adverse events (24% of all those injected v 8% in the placebo) and an increase in all cause mortality from 14 deaths in the placebo group to 20 deaths within the injected group. Not strictly speaking “statistically significant” (+6 out of 21,900) – but note the clinical trial was for a much shortened six month period.

The COVID-19 Inoculations – More Harm Than Good FINAL Video & Print – MoreHarm.pdf | DocDroid

Rather than a 95% (or 91% in the trials) reduction in cases and deaths, there has been a 370% INCREASE in the annualized case rate. Annualized Deaths have INCREASED by 180%.

Note also that none of the clinical trials show any data on recoveries from infection. A typical infection lasts around 15 days. Clinical trials last 6 months. Enough time for ALMOST ALL of the 850 or so “cases” amongst the placebo arm of 21,900 to have become infected and recovered. Only those infected in the last 15 days of the six month trial may have been actually infected at the end of the trial.

Why bother showing data for a recovered “case” as a “case” at all? Perhaps because this would downgrade the significance of the pandemic?

This epic “Vaccine” fail does not account for the lives lost over the course of the pandemic by the banning of those treatment protocols for prophylaxis and early-mid stage cure that were discovered in the Spring of 2020, nor do they include the 20 million dead and 2.2 billion wounded from injections (injection “cases”).

How can the casualties from the “Spike Wars” be further demonstrated?

Excess deaths provide a clue. Not all excess deaths are the result of injections, but the impact of injections and the draconian measures imposed globally are going to explain the vast majority.

From here:

Excess Deaths in Europe more than double from 7% for May and June 2022 to 16% for July 2022 (

Record excess deaths in Europe – YouTube

Excess deaths:

Spain +37%, Greece +31%, Portugal +29%, Switzerland +26%, Italy +25% – excess deaths for July 2022, ABOVE pre-pandemic 2016-2019 levels.

Let’s low-ball those percentages and compare them to VAERS numbers – adjusted for the likely under-reporting factor (URF) of 40 (compared to the less than one in 100 estimated for vaccine injuries in the Lazarus report).

Assume that US excess deaths are 15%. Ball-parking the US population at around 335 million living for 80 years (life expectancy is down by three years in the last two years) but this is a “back of the envelope estimate that assumes an even population demographic distribution). Life expectancy of 80 years implies 100%/80 years = 1.25% population mortality rate.

1.25% of 335 million = around 4.2 million – 15% excess of this number is 630,000

VAERS deaths to 16 September 2022 since inception of VAERS were 14,531. Adjusted for a URF of 40 = 581,000

Pretty close, no?

Couple of questions – “are Remdesivir deaths and injuries reported to VAERS” and “Should abortions be included as deaths?”.

Anyway, the butcher’s bill from the battlefield looks increasingly like 20 million dead and 2.2 billion wounded SO FAR. The bullets used in “the Spike Wars” are the injections – fired by Big Pharma at an unsuspecting civilian population. Casualties are becoming more and more obvious – even the MSM, social media, health regulators, medical professionals, Hollywood propagandists etc are dropping like flies. There will be an epiphany soon.

Here’s an example from the UK. The Journal of Insulin Resistance has published a two-part research paper entitled “ Curing the pandemic of misinformation on COVID-19 mRNA vaccines through real evidence-based medicine,” – written by one of UK’s most eminent cardiologists Dr. Aseem Malhotra, whose father was killed by lethal injection.

Dr. Aseem Malhotra promoted Covid-19 vaccine on TV, now says stop (

“In a recent interview with GB news, Dr. Malhotra goes on to say:

“When the vaccines were first released we were told they were 95% effective against infection.

This is not true. This is based on relative risk reduction. In absolute terms, they provided 0.84 percent protection which means only one in 119 people would be protected from infection.”

So, there you have a description of the battlefield and butcher’s bill. The medical experts that have been censored and banned from practising medicine call for justice using legal remedies. A laudable and Christian stance. I will leave you with a link from another champion of the Spike War.

700 Million Worldwide Will Die from CV19 Vax by 2028 – Dr. David Martin (

100 million projected deaths in the US amongst 700 million globally in the next 5 years or so.

This on article was originally published by Peter Halligan on Peter’s Newsletter.

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