Vaccine Companies Responsible For Thousands Of Deaths During COVID Peak Says Dr. Birx Book

This past week, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) changed their recommendations to eliminate disparities between those who have had vaccinations and those who have not. Meanwhile, Dr. Birx, in her book, claims that vaccine companies are responsible for thousands of deaths during the COVID peak.

Vaccine Companies Responsible For Thousands Of Deaths During COVID Peak Says Dr. Birx Book

Former White House coronavirus task force spokesperson Ambassador Deborah Birx has effectively blamed Pfizer and Moderna for thousands of deaths, asserting their decision not to explore a “compassionate use authorization” for the COVID-19 vaccines caused a delay that negatively affected nursing home residents.

The information is found in the last chapters of Birx’s short book Silent Invasion, where she describes how she circumvented the Trump administration’s wishes by using “subterfuge” and mentions Jared Kushner and Vice President Mike Pence as her “go to” government contacts.

Birx takes aim at the pharmaceutical firms that she and her colleague Anthony Fauci supported and shielded during the COVID-19 pandemic in Chapter 19, “Winter Is Here.” She particularly notes how corporations that were protected from responsibility by the government neglected to provide elderly patients with essential dosages of their vaccines:

“Getting as many people inoculated as quickly and equitably as possible remained one of my priorities. In addition to “emergency use authorization,” or EUA, the FDA also has the authority to allow the use of therapeutics and vaccines (and the use of experimental drugs to people outside clinical trials) under what’s called “compassionate use authorization,” or CUA. Lacking the holy grail of emergency use authorization (which was pending), I continued to try to find a way to get the highest-risk group immunized as quickly as possible. In early November, I asked Tony and Steve to approach Moderna and Pfizer and urge them to apply for CUA while their vaccines’ efficacy was still being determined but safety was fairly clear. With a CUA in hand, we could inoculate any nursing home residents who wished to be. Whether they volunteered for the jabs or not, at least they’d have the option.”

However, as more people perished, her hopes were not met, as she explains:

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“We had a narrow window, and it was closing. Fifteen hundred nursing home residents died in the first week of October. The vaccine manufacturers, I learned, had already stockpiled three million doses. If we could draw from that supply through CUA, thousands of lives could be saved.

“This didn’t happen. Pfizer and Moderna declined to pursue compassionate use authorization. They believed the process would be a distraction. Their eyes were fixed on the EUA, another complicated process; taking on both simply wasn’t possible.

“I believed it was—it just wasn’t part of the plan these manufacturers had envisioned.”

Birx continues by describing how many people were impacted by the big corporations’ decision to forgo a quicker path to market. Many believed at the time that they were hesitating to act quickly since doing so would ostensibly help President Trump just before the U.S. presidential election.

“Take a moment to imagine that they did apply for compassionate use. And imagine that 1.5 million of the 3 million stockpiled doses went to nursing homes in November, and another 1.5 million at the end of November, for a second dose. If this had happened, the nursing home residents would have been fully protected in December, at the start of the surge, and not, as it turned out, as late as February, after the surge. An additional six-thousand-plus nursing home residents died in mid-December. They all could have been fully immunized and protected before this happened and we could have saved thousands of lives. If this had been done, literally thousands of lives could have been saved. Great good could have been done, and at low risk to these vulnerable people. In a pandemic, you need to innovate on the fly in response to the reality of the moment and not be locked into a rigid plan.”

However, Birx’s theory depends on how well the vaccines work. This past week, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) changed their recommendations to eliminate disparities between those who have had vaccinations and those who have not. Despite current “science,” the United States still forbids unvaccinated foreigners from entering the nation unless they enter illegally through the country’s porous southern border.

Even though the majority of them receive considerable advertising funding from major pharmaceutical firms, not a single major corporate news channel has covered this topic.

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  1. My husband died after getting the vaccine. He had a metallic taste in his mouth and felt very poorly. We called the doctor that recommended the vaccine to him and told us the vaccine was “totally safe”. The doctor said for us not to worry that it was normal to feel funny after a vaccine. Well, I guess it is normal to feel funny….when you are about to die. They listed the death as ‘natural causes’. I will not bother with any stupid lawsuit as they only make money for the lawyers and the persons that suffered get little to nothing at the end of the day.

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