Why Are The Vaccinated Getting Sicker

A new trivalent COVID vaccine was recently approved by the FDA for fall 2022; it will not undergo any extra testing despite having a completely different composition to address some of the more recent strains. So, just why are the vaccinated getting sicker?

Why Are The Vaccinated Getting Sicker

Many of you will already be aware of Dr. Robert Malone, the creator of the core mRNA and DNA vaccination platform technology[1] upon which the several COVID shots are built. (To be clear, Malone has many patents for the technology that drives the COVID shots; he is not the inventor of the COVID shots themselves.)

Malone gained notoriety with his participation on the DarkHorse podcast[2] in June 2021, where he discussed the COVID fraud for three hours with Steve Kirsch and DarkHorse presenter Bret Weinstein, Ph.D. It is interesting to note that Malone and Kirsch were both double-jabbed before they both realized there were issues with the injections, but once they did, they bravely came forward to speak out and warn others.

Malone also made an appearance on the Joe Rogan podcast [3]December 30, 2021, which ended up with about 50 million views to become the most popular podcast ever. Congressman Troy Nehls, R-Texas, even put the transcript of that interview into the Congressional Record[4] on January 3, 2022, after Twitter and YouTube withdrew it from their services.

Malone also assisted in the promotion of Dr. Matthias Desmet’s writings, “The Psychology of Totalitarianism,” which was written while he was a clinical psychologist at the University of Gantt in Belgium. Desmet was the first to use the term “mass formation” to describe how and why people were accepting a story that was obviously untrue and harmful.

Malone has been ruthlessly attacked by the media and repeatedly “fact checked,” like so many others who have attempted to express the facts and viewpoints that differ from the official COVID story, including myself. Unfortunately, as time has gone on, his understanding and insight are now confirmed almost every day.

“I would say we’ve been gaslighted, ridiculed, defamed — but I don’t think we’ve been discredited,” he says. “I think we could both hold our heads up high. We’ve called it amazingly well.

I’m just in the middle of reviewing and building the chapters for the book that has to do with what’s gone wrong with the HHS [Health and Human Services] and what we need to fix, which includes a litany of things that have been miscalled by the CDC [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention].

The list is enormous. And we continue to see on a daily basis the weaponization of fear porn, the two most recent examples being the monkeypox and the Omicron BA.4 [and] BA.5.”

Immune Imprinting Is Making the Vaxxed Sicker

Malone pointed out that despite data that plainly shows hospitalization rates are stable even as the infection rate is rising, media are once more attempting to spread fear porn. They are also disregarding what Malone and others have been saying from the beginning, which is that immunizing during a pandemic is a policy that is beyond stupid because it will almost certainly promote the emergence of resistant strains.

The BA.4 and BA.5 strains, which get through both innate immunity and COVID jab-induced antibodies, are a perfect example of this. Malone claims that more than ten prestigious, widely read peer-reviewed articles support immunological imprinting, which the CDC and the Food and Drug Administration are ignoring.

“We’re literally driving the highly vaccinated to an immune compromised state in which they’re more susceptible to infection by Omicron — as a consequence of their prior vaccination — and they are becoming chronically or multiply infected,” Malone says.

“This is precisely the situation that’s been shown in peer reviewed literature to be driving the development of the further development of the escape mutants. So, our public policies are completely contrary to the need here. I’m speechless concerning the mismatch between what our government promotes and what the true public health need is.”

Is Malone Controlled Opposition?

Malone believes his present actions speak for themselves given that he developed the mRNA technology that supports the jabs, was double-jabbed, has strong ties to the Deep State intelligence community, and is the developer of the jabs themselves:

“I have historically worked with people who have been truly Deep State intelligence community. I have decades of experience in biodefense. I have been deep in the belly of the beast. I have won literally billions of dollars for my clients in grants and contracts. I have managed hundreds of millions of dollars in grants and contracts in the vaccine space.

[I’ve been] … study section chair or key study section member on many hundred-plus million-dollar contract reviews, typically for the NIH [National Institutes of Health] … but also DOD [Department of Defense]. I historically been deeply embedded in this whole enterprise. I know it upside down.

I understand this system. So, I think the concerns that I could be controlled opposition are valid. I think that it’s appropriate to acknowledge the basis for those concerns. Now, [those] concerns, I think, are refuted by my behaviors and actions.

Let’s start with the inventions. I have many patents. I’ve contributed to the development of many technologies. My wife and I helped found Inovia, the post electrical field gene delivery company that is promoting its own vaccine technology, which is a DNA-based platform and could well be adapted to RNA-based vaccines.

I certainly have those nine initial issued patents and others that relate to virtually any delivery system used to administer polynucleotides to the nasal pharynx, to mucosal tissues, to elicit a mucosal immune response … I have many patents on various [nano] lipids, these positively charged fats that are used to deliver the polynucleotides, but I’m also an objective scientist.

As a consequence of the decades of experience in basic discovery research in this area, we’ve turned away from this technology because we could never overcome the inflammatory problems, this acute immune response and the recruitment of inflammatory cells into the injected tissues. We ran into this again and again and again, both in mice and then in monkeys, and could never overcome it. We abandoned the technology.”

Malone Explains the Patent Controversy

Malone continues by describing the background of the patent dispute, including why some contend he did not create the mRNA platform used in COVID injections and why the technology was still in use in the first place if it had been abandoned because of too many risks:

“Kati Karikó called me up in the mid-‘90s and wanted some advice. I told her about the problems with the RNA and the problems with the inflammatory response and, together with Drew Weissman, she applied the pseudouridine discoveries that were just emerging and put pseudouridine all the way through the RNA, which is both immunosuppressive and increases the half life of the RNA.

So, these RNAs that are now being used are really nothing like the natural RNA. They’re synthetic product. The basis for their assertion that they’re the true inventors and I am not — despite all the prior art and multiple patents — is that they made this improvement on the art that was enabling.

[However], the CureVac technology demonstrates that’s not enabling, that, in fact, you can get good immune responses with mRNA that does not include pseudouridine. But I had turned away from the tech. There were better ways to provide an immune response, I believed. Those are still investigational.

Talking about eyes wide open, I have intimate understanding of the good, the bad and the ugly of this approach and this technology. That’s always been my position — that of an objective scientist. Then, on the last point on this, I never received substantial revenue of any kind from my inventions.

The patents were filed from a company that’s now called Vical that had partnered with Merck years ago. Over a billion dollars were spent to advance the technology. Merck and Vical only focused on the DNA and they failed.

But as a consequence of the terms of my employment, I received — in addition to my technician salary, which was about $20,000 a year — $1 for all those patents. I’ve had no patent royalty. So, I have no financial conflict of interest here. It doesn’t matter to me one way or the other.

What matters is integrity and honesty and truthfulness … Let me put it this way … I was in a dark room, I backed into the light switch, and what I saw was such that I could never unsee it.”

On Malone’s CIA Connections

Michael Callahan, a former CIA operative who currently holds a senior post at the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA), and Malone previously worked together in business. In the first few days of January 2020, Callahan—who had been in Wuhan, China, in the fourth quarter of 2019—called Malone and asked him to put a team together to deal with a rare virus that had emerged in China.

“I had a series of interactions with him subsequently, until I became completely disillusioned and aware that he was lying to me almost constantly, including about things like whether or not the pathogen was engineered. So, I think I can certainly empathize, and understand why some might have these concerns …

[But] I don’t ask people to accept what I say, I ask people to think for themselves. I’ve tried to be truthful, honest, act with integrity, provide access to information, try to help people to think through things by themselves, and I’ve made a number of predictions and comments and analyses and, like you, I stand by what I’ve said.

So even if I was controlled opposition, that’s kind of irrelevant. The question is not who I am; the question is what is the information? Is it useful to you? Is it helping you to manage your own affairs, make conformed choices about vaccinating your children? If so, I think that even if I was controlled opposition, I suspect that I’m fairly useful controlled opposition for those of us that are in this boat together of seeking truth …

Frankly, all of my contacts with the government now are destroyed. The colleagues that I used to communicate with regularly at the FDA will no longer take my call … I’ve dropped my contract with Defense Threat Reduction Agency.

Largely I just became disillusioned with them, particularly after I found out that another branch of DTRA is continuing to support the Wuhan Institute of Virology and disclose that.

I shared a number of fragments of information about what I know that’s been going on within DTRA, as well as within NIAID [National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases] and the NIH. In doing so, I compromised that part of my career. I’ve thrown away, for the second time by the way, a big career path that I’ve developed over decades.”

Malone’s COVID Jab Experience

Malone also explains why he decided to get the COVID shots. He was obliged to travel, and he reasoned that the shot could assist his “long-COVID,” which he had grown to develop after catching the infection early in the pandemic.

He unfortunately experienced a number of complications, particularly after the second dose, including cardiac damage that led to hypertension with frequent readings of up to 230, narcolepsy, brain fog from the central nervous system, restless legs, and other symptoms that are now known to be related to the shot.

He later learned that his second dose was from a batch with a high rate of problems when he searched up his batch number on HowBadIsMyBatch.com[5]. “So that’s that. We all make mistakes. I acknowledge now [that taking the vaccine] was absolutely not the proper way to approach this,” he says.

Malone’s long-COVID was actually cured thanks to Dr. Meryl Nass, who has since lost her medical license for the crime of discussing COVID remedies. Ivermectin, which she recommended, provided him with almost instant relief. “So, tip of the hat to Meryl Nass, a true truth warrior and another inspirational figure in all of this,” Malone says.

Pseudouridine-Enhanced RNA Can Cause Immunosuppression

Malone explores some of the issues with mRNA jab quality control in the interview, as well as whether or not adding pseudouridine actually minimizes the inflammatory response related to mRNA gene therapy as claimed.

As previously stated, Malone was consulted by former Hungarian spy Karikó, and he informed her of the issues he was discovering with the RNA. Weissman, a post-doctoral fellow of Dr. Anthony Fauci, and Karikó then conducted experiments including the addition of pseudouridine, which we now understand has an impact on processes like RNA stability, folding, processing, and splicing. It is heavily regulated, but at the time, nobody knew that.

It was known that RNAs will persist much longer and be lot less inflammatory if they contain pseudouridine. In essence, cells with pseudouridine-modified mRNA inhibit immunological responses against them. On the basis of this, Karikó and Weissman added pseudouridine to the entire mRNA molecule, which was then purified after being manufactured using the techniques Malone devised.

They saw a better adaptive immune response and reduced inflammation when this substance was administered. The COVID pictures are based on the science described above. Recent research, however, utilizing needle biopsies, has demonstrated that RNA stays in axillary lymph nodes for at least 60 days. Since they did not test for a longer period of time, it might be much longer. Additionally, it was discovered that the levels of spike protein produced were far larger than anticipated and persisted for at least 60 days.

“So, what we now know is that pseudouridinee can cause RNA to behave in ways that are absolutely not like natural RNA, as I had originally proposed,” Malone says. “The RNA is typically degraded within a couple of hours, so if people were to have adverse events, the inciting molecule would be gone and physicians could elect not to readminister it.

But in the current formulation with the pseudouridine incorporated throughout the entire backbone of the RNA, which is something that never happens in a natural situation, they do suppress the acute inflammatory response, but they also seem to suppress overall adaptive immune responses or immune function.

This may be something that’s contributing to the immunosuppression that’s observed after dosing with these products. That’s unresolved, but there’s no question that adverse event exists, that nonspecific immunosuppression.

So, we have now … lots of evidence that the discovery of Karikó and Weissman had negative aspects to it, which were not well characterized by Pfizer, Moderna, BioNTech, et cetera.”

Make sure to listen to the entire conversation to learn more because Malone also discusses additional additives and quality control problems that may result in a “hot” or more dangerous batch. For instance, he discusses the issue of aggregation, the toxicity of PEG, and how weariness may be caused by spike protein, which is poisonous to the mitochondria in addition to being attached to cell surfaces.

He also acknowledges that although he has not seen any concrete evidence, there may be some validity to reports that graphene oxide is being employed. “Initially, I thought that was crazy talk, but the unwillingness of the pharmaceutical companies to disclose their ingredients, which is just mind boggling — that’s completely contrary to anything I’ve ever encountered in any teaching I’ve ever had about regulated products — so, there’s something amiss here. There’s no question,” he says.

Upcoming Fall Trivalent Jab Will Likely Be More Dangerous

A new trivalent COVID vaccine was recently approved by the FDA for fall 2022; it will not undergo any extra testing despite having a completely different composition to address some of the more recent strains. Like Malone, I worry that this may significantly worsen negative effects.

“The trivalent story goes back to the logic of influenza vaccines … Reasoning by analogy, apparently, the FDA and the CDC have now concurred that a similar strategy shall be taken for these unlicensed experimental use authorized products that have produced an adverse event signal like no vaccine in history — which they deny — and are clearly not stopping infection replication and spread of the viruses.

What they’ve decided is they’re going to now use the flu model, which will enable them to continue the manufacturing process, which, as we’ve just discussed, is poorly characterized, not really adequately provided with oversight, and [has poor] lot consistency.

We know from the ‘How Bad Is My Batch’ analysis, the lot consistency is horrid. But that’s all apparently OK. And, one antigen is good so let’s go to three. The problem is multifaceted.

Typically, when you do this, you maintain approximately the same dose of each antigen, so that would be, in the case of Pfizer, we’re going to go from 50 to 150 micrograms of RNA in a jab. Let’s hope they don’t do that. But even if they only double the dose, then we know that the adverse events are going to go up considerably.”

‘Mass Psychosis at Its Worst’

Malone also criticizes the project’s core premise and methodology. The argument is that they are ignoring the considerable peer-reviewed literature that demonstrates immunological imprinting (also known as “antigenic sin”) is taking place by continuing to inject the Wuhan-1 spike and adding BA.4 and BA.5, which evolved to avoid antibodies to the Wuhan-1 strain.

In actuality, immunological imprinting contributes to the ineffectiveness of flu vaccines. In other words, whether you had COVID or had the vaccination, your immune system is prejudiced against other strains and favors the original Wuhan strain. Because Omicron and later strains have evolved to take advantage of this bias, jabbed people now contract COVID more frequently than the unjabbed and endure recurrent reinfections.

“We have created a situation in which they have to keep getting vaccinated, I guess. That’s the logic being promoted by the CDC. We have to keep vaccinating them at frequent intervals because the vaccination is damaging their ability to control infection of these escape [strains].

And now the CDC and the FDA have signed off on the idea of a trivalent vaccine that I couldn’t have imagined a better design if I wanted to, to drive this immune imprinting phenomena and make people less able to resist Omicron infection, because it includes Wuhan-1 plus two Omicron strains.

It is exactly the opposite of what’s needed. It is Geert Vanden Bossche’s worst nightmare, and they are doing it blindly without even bothering to read the peer reviewed literature that describes this. This is insanity. It is mass psychosis at its worst,” Malone says.

“There is a lot of very deep, complex immunology associated with what we’ve been doing to people all over the world, and it involves every single facet of this product, the lipids themselves, the formulations, the structure of the RNA and the payload that’s being expressed.

Each of them is associated with their own profile of adverse events. That is clearly seen in the early Moderna data … In the Phase 1 data of their influenza vaccine product using the same tech, at the 100-mcg dose, 80% of the subjects had Grade 2 or Grade 3 adverse events. That’s the formulations and the same RNA chemistry but no spike protein. That shows it’s not just the spike [that causes adverse events].

This has got to go down in history as one of the most profound failures of regulatory science in the 20th and 21st century, and the craven cowardice of the FDA regulatory authority to address this has, I think, all over the world, led to a recognition that the FDA has been captured by the pharmaceutical industry.

It is profoundly corrupt and has to be completely rebuilt. The damage that’s been done to the reputation of the American regulatory process, globally, is profound. As I had suggested, almost two years ago, if they continue on this path they are going to destroy the entire regulatory process, as well as any faith that anyone ever had in the vaccine enterprise. And here we are …

If there’s a silver lining here, I think it’s that, for many of us, including myself, who had bought into the system, the experience is so powerful that it is opening eyes everywhere. I’m now completely in the same camp as Bobby Kennedy, in that I believe the entire vaccine enterprise needs to be revisited, and it’s unequivocal.

We do not have the data to support the safety and efficacy of the current pediatric vaccine schedule, and all of the components of the pediatric vaccine schedule need to be reassessed for risk benefit ratio. Both as individual products and as combined products.”

More Information

In September 2022, Malone will publish his debut book, “Lies My Government Told Me.” You should read this book if you are curious about what he knows or are concerned about how we will ever right the wrongs that have been exposed. Additionally, you may keep up with Malone’s work on Substack, GETTR, the Malone Institute, and rwmalonemd.com.

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“It’s hard to see a way forward that is not rather bleak in the world that’s being envisioned by these unelected corporatist powers, these public-private partnerships, that seek to control our lives in every facet and aspect,” Malone says.

“But having focused on this now for many months, in part out of necessity because I had to finish the book, I’m starting to see a path forward, and recent Supreme Court decisions … are giving me hope.

I think that partnership between attorneys … organizations that are more constitutionalist in their framing and background, together with people that are knowledgeable about the inner workings of the administrative state and HHS, offers opportunity …

Also, I think it’s reasonable that all of us need to start thinking about intentional communities, about how we can build local sustainable community capabilities … Those of us that are awake need to really think hard about preparing ourselves, not overreacting, but being a prepper …

There are forces at play here that this whole public health thing is just a facade, a ruse. I’m completely convinced the reason why so many of these policies make no sense from a public health standpoint is they’re not about public health …

The evidence that a lot of this is being manipulated, hence the fear porn, is overwhelming in my opinion, and I cannot reconcile the abundant examples of public health mismanagement and misalignment between the need and the policies unless I account for the underlying financial agendas, geopolitical power agendas that are in play right now.

And I think that those of us who are still committed to integrity and dignity and community need to circle the wagons and think through how to prepare for a future in which all of these agendas are coming to fruition. They’re coming to a head and we better be ready for them.”


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