For Rs 500/Night, Uttarakhand Offers Real ‘Jail Experience’

The Haldwani prison in Uttarakhand is currently converting an abandoned area of the grounds into lodging for “tourists” seeking a true jail feel. And now, for just Rs 500/night, Uttarakhand is offering real jail experience.

For Rs 500 per Night Uttarakhand Offers Real Jail Experience

Do not become alarmed if the astrologer says that the planetary placements in your horoscope are unfavorable (bandhan yog) and you are likely to end up in jail, reports The Times of India. The time has come to find a “Remedy.” In order to assist individuals avoid “bad karma” the jail administration in Haldwani, Uttarakhand, has come up with a novel idea: for a modest price of Rs 500 per night spent in jail.

The Haldwani prison was constructed in 1903, and the former armoury, which includes six staff quarters, is now being prepared to house “jail guests” according to Satish Sukhija, the prison’s deputy jail superintendent. He claimed that the jail frequently received “orders” from higher-ups to permit “recommended persons” to stay in the jail barracks for a short period of time. They are provided with prison clothing and food prepared in the jail kitchen as “tourist inmates.”

Astrologers too advise one-night jail stays

The Haldwani prison in Uttarakhand is currently converting an abandoned area of the grounds into lodging for “tourists” seeking a true “jail feel” or those who have been recommended to serve time in prison to ward off “bandhan yog” in their horoscopes, which foretells a period of incarceration.

“All such cases are mainly of people whose astrologers predict that a jail term is inevitable as per the planetary positions in their horoscope. We have an abandoned portion inside the prison that can be developed as a dummy jail to accommodate such ‘inmates’ for a night for a nominal fee of Rs 500,” the jail official said.

A city-based astrologer, Mrityunjay Ojha, said, “When three celestial bodies, including Saturn and Mars, are placed in an unfavourable position in one’s horoscope or birth chart, it becomes an equation that predicts the person may have to undergo imprisonment. In such a situation, we usually advise the subject to spend a night in jail and have the meal provided to inmates so as to bypass the bad effects of planetary positions.”

“I had moved a proposal regarding the matter earlier too, to the inspector-general of prisons. He (Pushpak Jyoti) not only appreciated it but even asked me to send him a detailed project report,” Sukhija said.

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