US ‘Trying To Tear India Away’ From Russia – Ambassador

Moscow’s ambassador to New Delhi, Denis Alipov, told Izvestia newspaper that the US is trying to ‘tear India away’ from Russia.

Efforts by the US and its allies to pressure India into joining their campaign against Russia have been in vain, Moscow’s ambassador to New Delhi, Denis Alipov, has said.

“The Western pressure on India continues. The policy in this regard is being openly formulated by the US – it’s about tearing it [India] away from Russia,” Alipov told the Izvestia newspaper in an interview published on Monday.

The Russian diplomat added that “maintaining friendly relations with our country is in the national interests of India. I believe that it won’t sacrifice them at somebody else’s whim.” 

Amid Russia’s standoff with the West over Ukraine, New Delhi has been “pursuing a balanced policy, demonstrating independence in decision-making,” Alipov insisted. “The tactics of political pressure aren’t working with it.” 

Since the outbreak of the conflict in Ukraine in February 2022, India has been reluctant to relent to demands by the US and EU to condemn Moscow or to join Western sanctions. 

With Ukraine choosing to ignore U.S. limits and conditions on the use of American-supplied weapons, the United States might be losing its control over Ukraine.

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