Russia Claims US Tested Experimental Drugs On Ukrainian Soldiers

Although Ukraine wasn’t the first nation to be utilized for US military-backed pharmaceutical studies, it certainly is the most prominent in the current geopolitical scenario. Documents regarding the activities of such labs have been made public by Russia claiming that the US tested experimental drugs on Ukrainian soldiers.

Russia Claims US Tested Experimental Drugs On Ukrainian Soldiers

During a press conference on Thursday, the commander of Russia’s Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Protection Forces, Lieutenant-General Igor Kirillov, said that the US had been testing experimental drugs on “volunteers” from the echelons of the Ukrainian troops.

The drug testing was part of the so-called UP-8 initiative, which was revealed by the Russian military earlier in the month.

“We continue to publish information about the research with the participation of Ukrainian military personnel. I would like to note that such work is prohibited in the United States and is carried out by the military outside of the country,” the official stated.

“According to data published in the Bulgarian media, about 20 Ukrainian soldiers died during the experiments in the Kharkov laboratory alone, and another 200 were hospitalized,” Kirillov added, while claiming that “more than four thousand people” were involved in the testing in Ukraine.

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The official submitted a paper supposedly provided to Ukraine’s defense ministry by a Ukrainian military attaché in the United States in April of last year. The memo mentions a meeting between the attaché and executives of Skymount, a US-Canadian corporation that conducts AI research.

As per the document, the company showcased its long-range observation solutions and also the Deep Drug AI, a method for drug screening and development, to Ukrainian officials. According to its creators, the system “performs the work of 60-person years per day, greatly reducing the manual labor hours to generate new target molecules from existing, pre-approved drugs.”

“The received documents confirm an attempt to test previously untested drugs on [the Ukrainian soldiers]. We are talking about the screening system for pharmaceuticals ‘Deep Drug’, which have not passed the licensing procedure in the US and Canada,” Kirillov stated.

The particular cynicism of American sponsors lies in the fact that the developer, the Skymount company, offered to purchase the system on a commercial basis, despite the fact that employees of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine were involved as volunteers.

Kirillov pointed out that Ukraine wasn’t the first nation to be utilized for US military-backed pharmaceutical studies. For example, in 2010, Indonesia closed the US Navy Medical Center in Jakarta, which was allegedly participating in a similar operation, due to “numerous violations,” he noted.

After sending soldiers into Ukraine late in February, Moscow aired charges of dubious US-sponsored pharmaceutical and biological research progressing in hidden laboratories dispersed across the country. The invasion came after a seven-year stalemate over Ukraine’s refusal to execute the Minsk accords, and Russia’s ultimate acknowledgment of the Donetsk and Lugansk republics in the Donbass.

The agreements negotiated by Germany and France were intended to normalize the status of certain regions inside the Ukrainian state. Russia has now insisted that Ukraine designate itself a neutral country that would never join the NATO military alliance led by the United States. Kiev believes the Russian invasion was unwarranted and refutes allegations that it planned to seize the two republics by force.

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