US Space Force Needs Systems To Disrupt, Degrade Other Nations’ Satellites – General

Vice Chief of Space Operations, General David Thompson, stated that the US Space Force needs systems to disrupt and degrade other nations’ satellites.

© Photo : U.S. Air Force

The US Space Force needs to develop capabilities to degrade the space-based capabilities of other, potential adversary nations, Vice Chief of Space Operations Gen. David Thompson told a meeting at the Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies on Monday.

“We are certainly going to need to disrupt, degrade and deny (deceive) the space capabilities of adversaries,” Thompson told the podcast meeting. “We are in the next chapter of the Space Force.”

The Space Force is handing over the mission of tracking all satellites and debris and other activity in space to other US agencies in order to concentrate on its primary mission of maintaining space dominance and protecting US space assets, the general explained.

The greatly expanding volume of launchings of satellites in large numbers to create a new, far more numerous, survivable and resilient constellations of orbiting space assets meant that the Space Force was close to its maximum capacity in its volume and rate of launchings, Thompson said.

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