US Seeks License To Encircle Russia, China With Biolabs

Documents found during Moscow’s operation in Ukraine revealed that the US was running an extensive biological research effort there. Over $200 million was spent on 46 biolabs researching deadly diseases. Russia, China, and some EU countries still await Washington’s responses about these labs.

US Seeks License To Encircle Russia, China With Biolabs

The recent Pentagon report about America facing “expanding biological threats” from foreign enemies is an attempt to justify the US developing aggressive strategic bio labs near Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea, stated Scott Bennett, a former counterterrorism analyst at the State Department.

“These labs will be used to develop bio weapons that target specific DNA and genetic vulnerabilities of people of Slavic, Asian, and Persian-Hindu descent. Of course the external cover explanation for the purpose of these labs will be as ‘defensive’ or ‘proactive’ countermeasures against the bio weapon development of other nations the American government defines as ‘uncooperative’, or ‘unyielding’, or ‘hostile’ to being an American vassal or slave state,” Bennett said.

Released on Thursday, the “Biodefense Posture Review” claims the military faces a serious threat from foreign foes working on advanced biological weapons. Ordered by Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin in 2021 due to COVID-19, the report urges the US to counteract these rising threats. In the National Defense Strategy, it targets the “growing multi-domain threat” from China and the “Russia challenge” in Europe. The US Defense Department is addressing this by boosting biodefense through better collaboration across the military and the Defense Department’s civilian structures.

The US Department of Defense’s report is in response to Russia’s Defense Ministry revealing ongoing “bioweapon violations of international law and indeed crimes against humanity the United States Government and Military under the Biden Administration are currently doing,” said Scott Bennett, a veteran of the US Army’s 11th Psychological Operations Battalion.

Trying to divert attention from Russia’s evidence-backed revelations, Washington is using an excuse to continue “these extraordinarily dangerous—if not life-ending—experiments in disease, suffering, and death, which seem to be the chief export of the United States,” he added.

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Last year, the Russian Defense Ministry uncovered around 30 biological laboratories in Ukraine, funded by the US Defense Department, during Moscow’s ongoing military operation there. These secret biolabs, which violate the Biological Weapons Convention (BWC), have been conducting research on dangerous pathogens and shipping biological samples.

The US has yet to provide detailed explanations about its military and biological activities in Ukraine.

The Pentagon’s report tries to mislead the public by dismissing claims of American biolabs developing harmful pathogens as “unproven.” However, the former US Army psychological warfare officer noted that this assertion is “patently false”.

“The voluminous amount of materials obtained from the US bio labs in Ukraine were presented to the United Nations by Russia for full exposure and analysis to all the world, however France, the United Kingdom, and the United States objected and stopped this investigation. Why? Seems someone has something to hide,” Bennett emphasized.

Regarding the timing of the “Biodefense Posture Review,” it coincides with Ukraine’s struggling counteroffensive despite substantial NATO-provided weaponry. The counteroffensive faced major setbacks, with attempts to attack Russian positions consistently repelled, resulting in the destruction of Western equipment. After over two months of significant losses and little progress, US media recently disclosed a “classified forecast” suggesting that Ukraine might not achieve its goals in the counteroffensive.

Meanwhile, Washington is also unmistakably laying the groundwork for heightened tensions with Beijing.

“The report and the US Department of Defense is clearly identifying China as its intended target, no doubt due to America and NATO losing fantastically in Ukraine,” the former US State Department counterterrorism analyst suggested.

As a former psychological operations officer, he interpreted the report as a sign that “the Joe Biden Administration and his ‘handlers’ will no doubt be unleashing within the United States some ‘false flag event’, in the form of a bio weapon or dirty bomb, to generate the required fear and chaos and tyrannical martial law authority of the United States Government, specifically the FBI, the ATF, the US Marshalls, Homeland Security, the CIA, and the U.S. Military, to use against and control the American people.”

Meanwhile, despite Ukraine’s costly and faltering counteroffensive that resulted in substantial losses, Washington remains at the forefront of NATO’s indirect conflict against Moscow.

During a media briefing, the commander of Russia’s Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Defense Forces, Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov, said that the US has resumed the Biolabs Program in Ukraine.

“It is increasingly clear that the Biden Administration needs a war to distract the American public from the International collapse of the American petroleum-dollar empire fiat currency system, and its 700 plus military bases around the world. They need to generate an enemy, and nothing is better than an invisible bioweapon… This report is the next stage of that internally coordinated self-implosion of the United States, which the Biden Administration has done through open borders, weaponization of the dollar, economic sanctions, and military interventionism. The bioweapons report by the US Department of Defense is simply a preparation for the next chapter, which is the blaming of a foreign adversary, for the very Pandora’s Box the United States created,” Scott Bennett concluded.

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  1. Putin and his minions are projecting. Russia has an active bioweapons program. Ukraine’s labs are owned by the Ukrainian government, specifically, they are controlled by the ministry of agriculture, or the ministry of health.

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