162 Researchers From Top US Nuclear Facility Now Working For China

According to a study from the strategic intelligence business Strider Technologies, 162 researchers from top US nuclear facilities are now working for China.

162 Researchers From Top US Nuclear Facility Now Working For China 1

According to a recent revelation, the Chinese regime employed more than 150 experts who formerly worked in a top national security laboratory in the United States to conduct research. Many of those studies directly improved Chinese military technology, which now poses a threat to national security in the United States.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP), according to a study (pdf below) from the strategic intelligence business Strider Technologies, made a systematic attempt to snag top scientists from the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) to work on its military projects.

The first nuclear weapons were developed at LANL, which is situated in New Mexico. LANL is a significant player in American defence and security research. It is one of the biggest technological and scientific institutes in the world, and its researchers work on projects related to national security, space exploration, nuclear fusion, nanotechnology, and supercomputing.

The report claims that over the past 35 years, the CCP has employed at least 162 LANL researchers. Numerous of them—at least one of whom had previously held Top Secret security clearance at the U.S. Department of Energy—went on to undertake military research for China.

“Former Los Alamos scientists have made, and continue to make, considerable contributions to [China’s] hypersonic, missile, and submarine programs that present an array of security risks for the United States and the entire free world,” the report said.

“Better protection is needed for the institutions, research programs, and scientists advancing innovation in this era of strategic competition without harming open scientific collaboration.”

A ‘Talent Superpower Strategy’

The report claims that the CCP used a “Talent Superpower Strategy” to encourage scholars, scientists, and other professionals to travel overseas, expand their knowledge, and then return to China in order to further the country’s strategic goals.

The CCP’s talent programmes attracted a large number of researchers who travelled to the country to receive training and work in fields crucial to national security. Of those who worked at the LANL and then went back to China to do research, at least 59 were a member of the Thousand Talents Program or its youth branch.

According to the report, this initiative and others like it were essentially created to “exploit” the West’s commitment to international scientific cooperation.

Furthermore, it claimed that these programmes frequently compelled participants to train and host additional Chinese academics without frequently informing their host institution of the obligation. Talent programmes made it possible for Chinese researchers to obtain employment in the US and act as a bridgehead for other researchers to gain training.

“In effect, [Chinese] talent programs are ever-expanding recruitment networks,” the report said.

“Once inducted, participants are incentivized and obligated to identify top talent for placement in desirable research positions at their host institution and for eventual recruitment back to [China].”

China’s Military Paid for by US Tax Dollars

According to the report, more than 79 percent of the 113 LANL postdoctoral researchers and permanent staff who went back to China were chosen to take part in the CCP’s government talent programmes. These scientists later made contributions to the creation of stealth submarines, jet engines, weapons, and the CCP’s hypersonics research.

The report examined the careers of several connected researchers who worked at LANL and were later employed by China in order to highlight significant instances of how this procedure operated.

Chen Shiyi is one such person.

Chen, a specialist in fluid dynamics and turbulence, worked as an Oppenheimer Fellow at the LANL for a while in the 1990s. Chen served as Peking University’s vice president for research after his return to China in 2005. Later, he became president of the Southern University of Science and Technology in Shenzhen, where he started hiring researchers with strong ties to LANL.

Zhao Yusheng, a scientist with more than 18 years of experience at LANL, was one of those that Chen recruited.

Over the course of that time, the U.S. government provided grants totaling more than $19.8 million for Zhao’s projects. The investigation indicated that deep-earth penetrating warhead research was one of the projects the grants supported.

Zhao himself supervised and funded at least 25 postdoctoral researchers, at least eight of whom were Chinese and later went back to work in their own country.

Furthermore, based on his own research on deep-earth penetrating warheads, one of the postdoctoral researchers Zhao mentored and who swiftly returned to China submitted a national defense patent for a related technique.

According to the article, the researcher is currently connected to the Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics, the CCP’s main institution for carrying out nuclear weapon research, development, and testing.

The CCP has amassed a cadre of highly respected military experts for itself through this network method of expansive and entangled research relationships. All of these researchers obtained training and employment in the United States at taxpayer expense.

The South China Morning Post reported in 2017 that many of the scientists who had returned to China to work on military research referred to themselves as the “Los Alamos Club” due to the extent of the ties from LANL in China’s own military research sector.

The Strider study states that the LANL is only one of hundreds of organisations that hire participants in China’s talent programmes, raising the possibility that this threat to national security may be more widespread.

“General Secretary Xi Jinping and other top CCP leaders, suggest that similar recruitment efforts may be widespread among U.S. government–funded laboratories, academic research institutions, and major centers of innovation,” the report said.

“These programs are leveraging taxpayer-funded research to advance [China’s] economic development and military modernization.”

Read the report given below:

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