US-Mexico Border Is World’s ‘Deadliest’ Land Crossing: UN Study

In May, border patrol agents from Brownsville, Texas, to San Diego arrested 232,628 unlawful boundary crossers, the largest monthly number in 23 years. Now, a UN study has labeled the US-Mexico border as the world’s ‘deadliest’ land crossing.

US Mexico Border Is World’s Deadliest Land Crossing UN Study

According to information recently made public by a United Nations report, the U.S.-Mexico border has evolved into the “deadliest” land crossing in the entire globe.

According to a research (read below) done by the UN agency, the International Organization for Migration (IOM), a historic high of 728 confirmed immigrant deaths and disappearances along the U.S.-Mexico border crossing in 2021 rendered the land crossing the deadliest in the globe.

The IOM stated in a news statement on July 1 that these fatalities made up the majority of the 1,238 immigrant deaths across the Americas in 2021, noting that these figures should be viewed as a “undercount” due to challenges in data collection.

The lack of “options for safe and regular mobility,” according to the report, would force migrants—likely those opting to join as illegal aliens—to take potentially perilous routes to their destinations. This was cited as the cause of the deaths and disappearances of immigrants in the Americas.

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The organization also pointed out how recent news of what equated to the deadliest recorded smuggling incident in American history—the discovery of 53 deaths in a tractor-trailer loaded with 67 illegal immigrants in San Antonio on June 27—highlights the dangers faced by migrants.

The record number of arrests at the southern border coincided with the record number of deaths, according to CBP inspectors.

In May, border patrol agents from Brownsville, Texas, to San Diego arrested 232,628 unlawful boundary crossers, the largest monthly number in 23 years, according to CBP records that the media was able to obtain.

According to CBP data, 79 illegal immigrants died in the same month either after being found dead or while attempting to cross the border.

“When that many people come across the border, it’s just a matter of math—you increase those that come across the border, you increase those that put themselves into the hands of the criminal cartels—you are certainly going to increase the deaths at the border,” said Tom Homan, former head of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

“Very vulnerable people take the risk and pay criminal cartels who don’t give one cent about these people,” Homan said, noting that more migrants had perished during President Joe Biden’s tenure than at “any time [he] can remember in [his] 35-year career.”

According to CBP data, border police have captured more than 3.2 million unlawful border crossers since Biden assumed office in January 2021. Another 800,000 or so have been identified but not apprehended.

Read the document below:

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