US Should Compensate France For Losses If EU Bans Russian Gas Says French Presidential Candidate Marine Le Pen

French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen in a recent interview said that Americans are indifferent to the ordinary French people and their predicament and that the US should compensate France for losses if the EU bans Russian gas.

US Should Compensate France For Losses If EU Bans Russian Gas Says French Presidential Candidate Marine Le Pen 1

In an interview with BFM TV, French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen said the US should reimburse France for losses if the EU bans Russian energy carriers.

“The Americans, who will sell us liquefied gas and get a solid profit from it, could transfer money to France as compensation for anti-Russia sanctions,” Le Pen added, referring to US pressure on the EU to sanction Russian energy carriers. After Moscow launched a military incursion in neighbouring Ukraine, the EU imposed a slew of sanctions. Many Western countries have condemned the operation, but none has been more vocal than the United States.

According to Le Pen, if Washington succeeds in banning Russian gas imports into the EU, the French will be forced to pay alarmingly high gasoline prices. She, on the other hand, feels that American fuel magnates are indifferent to the ordinary French people and their predicament, and are solely interested in making money from the bloc’s increased LNG exports.

Despite the European Union imposing a slew of penalties on Moscow in recent weeks, member states have yet to agree on a ban on Russian energy imports. Many EU countries rely heavily on Russian energy, and others have no other option because they are landlocked and hence unable to obtain liquefied gas from the United States.

However, Josep Borrell, the European Union’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, stated on Monday that conversations on the subject will continue.

Moscow presently supplies roughly 40% of the gas and a third of the oil consumed by EU countries. According to Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak, it will take the EU 5-10 years to totally replace Russian oil and gas, and a ban will surely result in record prices.

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  1. A FAILED Experiment is what the EU has become. Dissolve it all & NATO, too ! Let the Individual Nations duke-it-out in economics and culture – then watch the ‘magic’ begin as each delivers through self-motivation the very best they have via their unique common-sense. …… ….. shalom, al jenkins

  2. Why should WE THE TAX payers help other countries bail out of their problems when we have enough problems here in America. We the American People should STOP paying our taxes for all of these shananigans the governments make (and the people suffer) while THEY keep asking for more of our hard earned money (which is getting less and less by the day) So the countries are going to have to start relying on themselves instead of asking for handouts from others we are all in this together THE PEOPLE HAVE TO STAND UP AND SAY NO TO THESE GREEDY GOVERMENTS WORLDWIDE. AMERICA is depleted we cannot continue to do this while our southern border is bringing in millions
    of BIG MEN ILLEGALS (don’t see as many women) so they can do damage to our woman and country. And what REALLY happens to the
    illegal kids that get seperated we never hear the endings of those stories they end up missing??? right. WHAT A BUNCH OF BS HAD ENOUGH
    Actually fairlander above said it much better and eloquently, I said it the
    same, but I said in angrily…..but kind of meant the same thing, thanks fairlander

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