US Aid To Ukraine Looks Like Money Laundering Scheme

A congresswoman has claimed that US aid to Ukraine looks like a money laundering scheme and instead should be used to address domestic concerns such as homelessness and human trafficking.

US Aid To Ukraine Looks Like Money Laundering Scheme 1

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) said on Monday’s ‘The Truth With Lisa Boothe’ podcast that America’s financial assistance to Ukraine looks “a lot like money laundering schemes.” According to Greene, money intended for Ukrainians winds up in the pockets of “non-profits and NGOs,” which are frequently operated by persons connected to Washington officials.

“They want to get $40 billion to Ukraine and you have these $40 billion on top of the money that have already been given. That brings it to $53 billion. That is over two thirds of the State Department’s entire budget for the year ,” the congresswoman remarked, referring to the most recent aid package currently before the US Senate.

According to Greene, the US officials are doing this in order to eventually fund “their families and friends'” NGOs. She described it as “basically money laundering schemes.”

The representative feels that these funds should be used to address domestic concerns such as homelessness and human trafficking, which have reached “record-high” levels, according to Greene.

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Our tax dollars are just like one big slush fund for criminal operations and it needs to end.

According to the congresswoman, $900 million of the planned $40 billion relief package will be allocated to “qualified” groups and NGOs for wraparound services, housing, and medical services, and these organizations will be “eligible for any help the US government can give them.”

Greene said she has talked to farmers in her district over the past week and discovered they have been “hurt so badly by inflation and high fuel costs, chemicals and fertilizer costs… they are not breaking even.” Washington also plans to provide $150 million for global agriculture and food programs at a time when US farmers are “on the verge of going out of business,” according to Greene.

The congresswoman also accused the United States of being hypocritical in its ostensible intention to “help the Ukrainian people.” She claimed that Washington is pouring money into Ukraine while “totally ignoring” other conflicts around the world, adding that “Ethiopia has a civil war right now, with thousands of people killed and millions displaced,” but that the US pays little attention to the matter.

It is such a hypocrisy. It is not about saving lives but it certainly is about Ukraine.

Greene isn’t the only one concerned about the US government’s spending transparency on Ukraine aid. Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, a Republican, prevented a swift vote on a $40 billion Ukraine aid package bill last week. He urged the appointment of a special inspector general to oversee the distribution of the massive aid package.

Paul requested that his idea be included in the bill, which would require the altered legislation to be voted on again in the House after Senate approval. He pointed out that the current package would bring total US aid to Ukraine to $60 billion since the crisis began in February, which is nearly equal to Russia’s yearly defense budget. To make the aid available to Kiev, the Senator said that America would have to raise its debt and worsen its inflation crisis.

Greene was one of 57 Republican members of Congress who voted twice against sending aid to Ukraine during its conflict. Both aid packages, on the other hand, gained overwhelming support in the House, passing 368-57.

Mitch McConnell (R-KY), the US Senate Minority Leader, also assured Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky of US support during his visit to Kiev on Saturday. He further promised that by passing the aid package bill, he will “get the job done.”

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