“Unprecedented” Chinese Genetic Experiment May Lead To Army Of Radiation-Resistant Super Soldiers

According to a post by South China Morning Post, China is conducting an unprecedented genetic experiment that may lead to an army of radiation-resistant super soldiers.

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Reports out of China continue to confirm that scientists there are still seeking to push through barriers with Frankenstein-like experimentation on genes with an eye toward the manipulation of human DNA – any and all ethical considerations be damned. What could go wrong? 

The Hong-based South China Morning Post has a doozy of a headline out this week based on a breakthrough announcement by a team of scientists linked to the Chinese military, working in Beijing: “Chinese team behind extreme animal gene experiment says it may lead to super soldiers who survive nuclear fallout.”

The project was first unveiled in the Chinese-language journal, Military Medical Sciences, and has been gaining more and more media attention and interest within the scientific community, but is also raising serious ethical quandaries, despite the experiment being defended by its overseers as “totally legal”.

According to details, the military scientists say they’ve successfully “inserted a gene from the microscopic water bear into human embryonic stem cells and significantly increased these cells’ resistance to radiation.”

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“They said success in this unprecedented experiment could lead to super-tough soldiers who could survive nuclear fallout,” SCMP writes. The initiative involved the experimental introduction into human DNA (utilizing embryonic cells) of a key gene found the water bear. The gene in question gives the microscopic creature rare resistance to radiation and other extreme environmental effects.

Breaking Defense reported earlier that the US Air Force has abandoned the Lockheed hypersonic weapon program after a test failure.

You can read more about this topic here.

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  1. What do you think America is doing with their synthetic mRNA vaccines, using them as “Gene Drivers” after changing everyone’s DNA and Genome to no longer human and with zero human rights, or any other rights, after vaccinations?
    Same thing, except the American’s for a change, are not the first to advertise it.
    The military and DARPA are behind the synthetic mRNA vaccines and getting everyone vaccinated – not the medical establishment – perhaps the question everyone should be asking is why?
    To survive a nuclear blast, lay face down and cover your head and ears with your arms and hands, your feet facing towards where the nuclear blast originated from (in the open if you can) – the blast will blow over you and any nuclear fallout at the same time and you will be safe – it is what some of the Japanese did with Hiroshima and Nagasaki, end of World War 2 and they lived to tell how they did it.

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