Evidence Suggests Ukrainian Missile Struck Poland – Top Security Official

According to a top security official, the evidence collected so far suggests that the missile that struck Poland was of Ukrainian origin.

Evidence Suggests Ukrainian Missile Struck Poland – Top Security Official 1

According to data acquired by Poland, the US, and NATO, a Ukrainian missile is likely to blame for the deaths of two people this week on Polish soil, according to Jacek Siewiera, the director of Warsaw’s National Security Bureau (BBN), who spoke on Thursday to the local RMF FM radio.

Earlier, Andrzej Duda, the president of Poland, claimed that the missile was probably a Ukrainian weapon. While Kiev hastened to attribute the incident to Moscow, Washington acknowledged it had no proof to refute Duda’s assessment.

“All the evidence that has been collected on the NATO, American and our sides indicates that we are dealing with an S-300 missile launched by the Ukrainian anti-aircraft defense,” Siewiera said on Thursday, without offering details on the information gathered by investigators. According to the BBN chief, the Polish Prosecutor’s Office is now leading the probe into the incident.

According to Siewiera, Warsaw would not object if Ukrainian “observers” joined the probe if all legal prerequisites were completed. The Polish president in particular “sees no obstacles” to this.

He further defended Vladimir Zelensky, the president of Ukraine, by arguing that the current round of airstrikes between the two countries is the “hardest period” in Ukraine’s conflict with Russia. According to the BBN head, it is “normal” for its president to adhere to “hypotheses that seem obvious from the national defence point of view” in such situations.

Zelensky asserted that the missile was Russian and only recanted after US President Joe Biden disputed his claim. Later, Zelensky argued that it was impossible to determine with certainty whose rocket killed the two Poles. Russia claimed on Tuesday that no targets were struck any closer than 35 kilometres (21.7 miles) from the Polish border.

Siewiera acknowledged that no air defence system was impregnable when questioned about why Polish air defences failed to stop the missile. He said that the Polish military likewise thought the missile was fired to intercept an airborne target “over the territory of Ukraine” and expected it to “perform its task,” saying “it’s one thing to see an interceptor [missile] and another to shoot it down.”

The incident occurred when Russia launched a major missile attack on Ukraine. Zelensky claims that 85 missiles were fired towards Ukrainian territory, and German Galushchenko, the energy minister of Ukraine, described the attack as the “most massive shelling” of the country’s energy infrastructure to date.

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