Shopping Mall With Ukrainian Rocket Launchers Parked Inside Destroyed In Russian Missile Strike

The Russian Defense Ministry has published a video displaying Ukrainian rocket artillery that was camouflaged within a Kiev retail mall using civilian buildings as cover. The site was hit by a missile strike overnight, which Ukrainian officials summarized as an indiscriminate assault of a civilian target.

Shopping Mall With Ukrainian Rocket Launchers Parked Inside Destroyed In Russian Missile Strike

“On March 21, during the night, a high-precision long-distance weapon was used to destroy a battery of Ukrainian multiple rocket launcher artillery and the base where they stored ammunition in a defunct shopping center,” Major General Igor Konashenkov told reporters.

According to the Russian military spokesman, Ukrainian troops were utilizing the Vinogradar neighborhood as a base for their activities, as revealed by surveillance footage. A single missile appears to strike the area at the end of the footage.

The Retroville shopping area, which is located between the Vinogradar and Podolsk neighborhoods on Kiev’s northwestern outskirts, was hit late last night. On Monday, Ukraine’s emergency services confirmed that eight remains had been retrieved from the area.

The bomb and accompanying fire severely destroyed a nine-story building, the highest of several on the site, which was only put out at midday on Monday. According to photographs of the wreckage, the surrounding area was decimated. The shockwave reportedly damaged windows in residential structures hundreds of meters distant.

The strike was carried out by Russia in obvious breach of the rules of war, according to Ukraine’s prosecutor general’s office, and will be examined as a calculated mass slaughter.

Before Moscow released the drone film, there was widespread conjecture on the internet that Russia had executed the attack after viewing recordings of launchers at Retroville on Ukrainian social networks.

Several Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok users shared photos and videos of the rocket artillery in the neighborhood, and one even parked in what appeared to be a garage or an underpass between two parking areas.

The media was unable to confirm whether the clip was genuine or had been edited. After others charged them of being a Russian propagandist disseminating false information to legitimize the strike, the person behind one of the Facebook profiles that already had established the correlation between the pictures and the attack apologized for having published their post and then removed it.

After a seven-year deadlock over Ukraine’s refusal to execute the provisions of the Minsk accords and Russia’s subsequent acknowledgment of the Donbass republics of Donetsk and Lugansk, Moscow launched an attack on its neighbor in late February. Protocols mediated by Germany and France were intended to normalize the status of certain territories inside the Ukrainian state.

Russia has now insisted that Ukraine designate itself a neutral country that would never join the NATO military alliance led by the United States. Kiev believes the Russian offensive was unwarranted and refutes suggestions that it planned to seize the two republics by force.

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