Ukraine Biolabs Used Fever Carrying Mosquitoes To Spark Dengue Pandemic In Cuba

Despite not denying its involvement in the Ukrainian laboratories’ cooperation, Washington did not acknowledge that it had conducted biological weapon research there. Now, as per new evidence fever carrying mosquitoes that were studied in Ukraine biolabs were used to spark dengue pandemic in Cuba.

Earlier, the Russian Defense Ministry reported finding documents in confiscated bio labs in Ukraine that showed researchers were testing harmful pathogens with the apparent intention of using them as part of biological weapons. According to the ministry, the US provided funding for these labs for more than ten years.

According to Igor Kirillov, head of the Russian Armed Forces’ Radiation, Chemical and Biological Protection Unit, Ukrainian biological laboratories researched fever-carrying Aedes mosquitoes, the same genus of insects that the US is thought to have used to start a pandemic of type 2 dengue in Cuba in the 1970s and 1980s.

“The facts of the use of Aedes mosquitoes as biological weapons, exactly the same species with which the US Pentagon worked in Ukraine, were recorded in a class-action lawsuit by Cuban citizens against the US government and were submitted for reviewing of the signatories to the Convention on the Prohibition of Biological Weapons”, Kirillov said.

The military branch’s head recalled that the epidemic killed 158 people and infected 345,000 individuals in Cuba. Kirillov emphasized that type 2 dengue infections had never been reported in the Caribbean region and that the only location on the island free of infections was the Guantanamo US military installation.

In response to Havana’s allegations, US authorities denied any participation in the outbreak.

Kirillov claims that scientists from Ukraine participated in the Pentagon’s P-268 program to develop new viruses that may infect the invasive Aedes species of mosquitoes. The Taras Shevchenko National University in Kiev developed the viral preparation, which was then shipped to the US for field trials, according to the lieutenant general.

Kirillov read forth communication between the US Department of State and Andrew Hood, the executive director of the Ukrainian Science and Technology Centre, regarding the start of the project. According to the document read by Kirillov, Hood stated that “more than 30% of the participants are former scientists with experience in the development of weapons of mass destruction.”

Regarding the documents that Russian soldiers obtained during the special military operation in the bio labs in Ukraine, Moscow voiced grave concern. These records suggested a decade-long partnership between Ukraine and the Pentagon in the study of harmful viruses that might be exploited to develop biological weapons.

Moscow asserted that Washington and Kiev had planned to develop biological weapon components near Russia with the purpose of using them to attack the nation. Despite not denying its involvement in the Ukrainian laboratories’ cooperation, Washington did not acknowledge that it had conducted biological weapon research there.

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