The Truth About Bucha Massacre

The truth about Bucha massacre is out there, but perhaps too inconvenient to be discovered. It should be easy to find out what really happened to the massacred civilians in the Ukrainian town. The Mayor of Bucha or any other Ukrainian official, never suggested that Russia was carrying out acts of genocide or massacre, which is the truth about the affair.

The Truth About Bucha Massacre 1

“In war, truth is the first casualty.” This phrase is credited to Aeschylus, a Greek tragedian who was known for his “copious use of imagery, mythic allusion, grand language, wordplay, and riddles” in the 6th century BCE. It’s only natural, then, that the guy who created the concept of modern-day wartime propaganda should see his words come to life in modern-day Ukraine. The Kiev administration and their Western information warfare advisers may have coopted all of Aeschylus’ dramatist tactics to create a modern-day tragedy in the Ukrainian town of Bucha that embodies the concept of lying as a weapon of war rather than just a result.

The footage of one of the Ukrainian National Police convoys travelling through a street in Bucha is the major source of the Bucha massacre reports. A dozen or so bodies are strewn across the road, several of which look to be bound. This footage has gone viral, resulting in a pandemic of pain and indignation that has swept much of the world, attracting the attention of heads of state and the Pope, and resulting in a tidal wave of condemnation and outrage directed at Russia and its president, Vladimir Putin. The video and the global uproar have an obvious cause-and-effect relationship; the former could not exist without the latter.

Slowing down is one of the fundamental teachings of objectivity, as it ensures that facts are not distorted by emotion. The footage from Bucha is unsettling. It appears that the video was posted in its current form with the express goal of provoking a visceral “shock and awe” reaction from the spectator. If this is the fact, those who released it — the Ukrainian National Police – have achieved more than they could have imagined. Or, depending on the situation, those of their advisors.

Without any fact-based data to back it up, the link between the deceased and the Russian military was quickly formed, and it was later reiterated in all kinds of media — mainstream and social alike. Anyone who attempted to challenge the prevailing “Russia did it” narrative was screamed down and labelled a “Russian shill” or worse.

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The fact that these conclusions are the result of mass hysteria is beside the point; why try to be objective when the story fits every stereotype painstakingly crafted previously by the same people who are now circulating the Bucha story? An audience that has never been exposed to critical thinking must be socially “preconditioned” in order for them to accept anything presented to them at face value, regardless of how egregiously the facts of the story strain credulity. Let’s be clear: the Ukrainian account of the events in Bucha appears to be stretching the truth.

The narrative’s chronology raises the first red flag that the story being pushed by Ukraine and echoed in the West is not what it appears to be. The fact that Russian soldiers withdrew from Bucha on March 30 is well-known. On March 31, Ukrainian National Police began entering into Bucha, and on the same day, the mayor of Bucha stated that the city was totally under Ukrainian authority. The mayor, or any other Ukrainian official, never suggested that Russia was carrying out acts of genocide. Ukrainian officials released the footage in question on April 2; it is unclear if the footage was taken earlier or on that day. What is certain is that the images on the video were not at all consistent with the mayor’s initial narrative.

Russia, for its part, has categorically disputed the charges and has asked the UN Security Council to convene an emergency meeting to investigate what the Russian Foreign Ministry has described as “criminal provocations by Ukrainian soldiers and radicals” in Bucha. The British mission to the UN, which currently holds the presidency of the Security Council, has declined Russia’s request, indicating that a discussion on Ukraine set for Tuesday, April 4 would serve as a platform for any discussion about Bucha.

One would expect that the Security Council, which has already demonstrated its willingness to meet on short notice to examine events in Ukraine, would try to accommodate Russia’s request on such a significant issue. The British purpose, however, does not appear to be a quick pursuit of truth and justice, but rather to buy time for the political fallout from the alleged slaughter in Bucha to play out.

The reaction of US President Joe Biden is an example of this approach in action. In comments to reporters, he said, “You saw what happened in Bucha,” adding that Russian President Vladimir Putin “is a war criminal.” Biden used the Bucha crisis to push for more weapons to be delivered to Ukraine. “We have to continue to provide Ukraine with the weapons they need to continue the fight,” he said. “And we have to gather all the detail so this can be an actual – have a war crimes trial.”

All of this from a president whose country refuses to recognise the International Criminal Court. For reasons that should be evident to anyone who is prepared to think critically.

President Biden and the Ukrainian government were fortunate in that Karim Khan, the British chief prosecutor of the court, announced in early March 2022 that he had opened an inquiry into alleged war crimes and crimes against humanity perpetrated in Ukraine. Given the high profile of the Bucha allegations, Khan is likely to have dispatched a forensics team to take control of the crime scene and supervise autopsies on the victims to determine the time of death, mechanism of death, and whether the victims died where they were allegedly found or if their bodies were moved there from another location.

Khan would also have the authority to interview members of the Ukrainian National Police, who have a history of working closely with the Ukrainian far right, including the deadly Azov Battalion. Any examination into orders provided to the police about the treatment of Ukrainian residents suspected of collaborating with the Russian military during its possession of Bucha would be particularly interesting.

The findings of such an investigation would almost certainly contradict the Ukrainian government’s story, which has been repeated in the West by loyal media outlets and politicians alike. This is the main reason Khan is not present in Bucha right now. If and when Khan is allowed access to information about the Bucha deaths, it is likely that the Ukrainian National Police will have distorted it to the point where disproving the charges will be very impossible.

The truth about what happened in Bucha is out there, just waiting to be found. Unfortunately, individuals in a position to pursue the truth aggressively through a forensics-based, on-site investigation appear to find it inconvenient. If it turns out that the Ukrainian National Police murdered Ukrainian civilians for the crime of allegedly cooperating with the Russians during their brief occupation of Bucha, and the forces of international law are brought to bear against the true perpetrators of that crime, any true pursuit of justice must include both the US and UK governments as willing co-conspirators in any crime charged.

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  1. Deception as a tactic of war is something that Russia specializes in. I remember reading Russia Today (RT) around a decade ago. They attempted to present themselves as a truthful alternative to corrupt Western media, but it was a lie. They’re just as biased as our/your media.

    What makes you so sure that the pro-Russian line that you’re being fed is any more truthful than the MSM? Russia is just as corrupt as the West and India. Politicians are liars and thieves – all of them. None of them tell the truth when its inconvenient for them. Stop being so naive. You’re ruining your reputation.

  2. If you actually read the article, they are NOT sure of any conclusion – they are just skeptical of the preferred narrative.
    Facts first! That’s why I like following this publication – they’re willing to question.

  3. I’m sure Russia didn’t do it. Here’s why: Western media is a united information machine that works in a coordinated manner. There are no conflicting stories and always share the same narratives. The US likely dictates the narrative from DC. We know they lie, they’ve been doing it for at least the 6 years that I’ve been paying attention. One example is framing of “the big lie” and “the insurrection”. Anyone who was paying attention knows that Trump wasn’t lying , the election had major issues and he would have won if there wasn’t. We know that , they know that , they still lied to make it seem like something it wasn’t. The same stench of manipulative sociopathy has been present throughout the coverage of the Ukraine invasion. I’ve analyzed enough misinformation from domestic media to know right away when a story is misleading or reported objectively. It has to do with feelings. What feelings are produced by the content? Are they powerful? Do they align with an agenda? Does this make logical sense from all angles? What are the tertiary elements that would support or debunk this narrative? If your IQ is higher than the person or people that created it , which in this case is between 130-140 , you can sense wether something is fabricated. I don’t know if it’s possible to explain how this works. It just does. Some key metrics are “how on the nose is this?” “What emotional reaction did it cause?” “Is this characteristic of Russian behavior?” “Is this something they also did before or after?” “Do they have a reason NOT to do this? Would they know the consequences of this?” “Do they behave impulsively and spontaneously?” “Does the military follow orders or operate on free will?” These are just some of hundreds of questions that all point to “No they didn’t do it. And YES, US media and military are the type to do this.” 5th generation warfare has been a focus of military R&D and strategy…. it should be regarded as a war crime. We cannot be assaulting the truth. The effects a deeply disturbing to a population that is not synchronized with reality. It’s existentially corrosive and shame on the people that think it’s ok to be dishonest “for the greater good”. That’s an oxymoron.

  4. My gut tells me that Russia didn’t do this. The plight of Ukraine is dier and my heart breaks for them. I am intrigued by the Russiaphobia that has been part of our media for years now. What I do know is that Putin is not a globalist and I believe Ukraine leadership is as is our own leadership. Putin, like Trump was/is a rut in the road to world control that is the goal. Tha’s how I see it.

  5. I have seen videos of Ukrainian people telling the truth about all of this and of videos I have seen wherein in the mirrors one can clearly see those ‘dead’ people rise up again. It is all one big lie for the purpose of spreading lies and propaganda, Satan’s greatest tools to divide and conquer. Putin has never intentionally had his military do harm to anyone in Ukraine who were innocent souls. It is the Azov Ukrainian Military who have, for eight long years, oppressed, persecuted and killed the innocent lives of the Ukraine people and it is the Ukraine people who have told that truth. What are the ‘sorceries’ of the ‘woman’ (Jerusalem – Flesh Edomite-ashkeNAZI Jews) which sit (controls) the last sea beast, U.N. which received its deadly wound as the League of Nations? It is TV which is Tell-A-Vision with its “programming’ (why do you think they call it that?) and with its channels as in ‘channeling’. TVs, computers and smartphones are the image of the beast for they both speak and live – they are all the black mirrors. (Hosea 13:7-8) “Therefore I will be unto them as a lion: as a leopard by the way will I observe them: {8} I will meet them as a bear that is bereaved of her whelps, and will rend the caul of their heart, and there will I devour them like a lion: the wild beast shall tear them.” Jesus is the Leopard that WATCHES. Satan mimics all that Jesus does but turns it upside down (Psalm 146:9 Isaiah 29:16). Just as Jesus watches so too does Satan watch for it is Satan who is the ‘Ghost in the Machine’. Satan too is a leopard that watches, tracking all that we do and he does it with technology – inventions which God hates. There are a LOT of people in this world who are following the ‘White Hats’ who speak a lot of truths but are also misleading people into believing that there is NO Man of Sin to come – no Antichrist to come. That, my friends, is the deception. The MAN of Sin will come and will be introduced as the Christian Messiah for he is one half of the ‘two horns (powers) of a Lamb (capital L = proper noun = Jesus Christ) therefore they come as the Christian Messiah. Do not be deceived by any means! God Bless you all.

  6. US and West is desperate to hide their Biolabs and all the scandals arising from it! So they are distracting the western public with the falsely engineered atrocity in Ukraine. But more than half of the World is not buying this professional production pack of lies and already globally respected investigative journos the like of The Last American Vagabond and others, are already exposing these horrendous untruths.

    Furthermore, the US and UK want to bog down Russia with a long drawn out war in Ukraine, to hollow Russia out economically, while they make billions out of weaponry sales. The EU however, is too blind to see that it will be the sacrificial lamb and Germany in particular will be hardest bit and their sophisticated and soft population will rise up against their idiotic politicians. Fact is the US and the West will go down, as India, China and Russia alongside many Asia block nations as well as Latin America and Africa, will progress into a World that has become multipolar and will never return to the unipolar world ruled by Washington.

  7. meh, what makes you so sure it isn’t. what would be consistent with other reports is the national defense forces exacting retribution from those suspected of collaborating with the the Russians, including kidnapping and torture of civilians, and war crimes committed against Russian POW.

    Occum’s Razor dictates the simplest answer is usually the most correct. Ukraine isn’t lying about what they’ve done, they’re just not broadcasting it to the world.

  8. There is much evidence that Russia did it. Look at the time stamped images & videos of satellites taken while the Russians were still there.+ many other information too many to be coordinated fabrications.

  9. Marlee, I liked this mainly because it raises issues strenuously avoided by the western MSM. But I question your tone of optimism about where this is heading. I think a new unipolar world IS on its way, but under the Antchrist, which means probably not under Washington.
    But before that takes place, there will be the rapture of all those who put their trust in Messiah Jesus.

  10. “There is much evidence”? Thats why you produce ZERO evidence! Comical! The bodies are FRESH and in an impossible state of being to have been killed by the russians! Satellite images prove absolutely nothing.

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