New Reuters Survey Finds That Trust In Mainstream News Is Rapidly Declining

It is simple: if you consistently mislead people, they will eventually disregard you. But the mainstream media are learning it the hard way, as a new Reuters survey finds that trust in mainstream news is rapidly declining.

New Reuters Survey Finds That Trust In Mainstream News Is Rapidly Declining

Most readers are likely not surprised by this, but it is now proven by the mainstream media’s internal surveys – they are fast losing their viewership and influence.

The Reuters Institute For The Study Of Journalism conducts an annual research to assess public perceptions of the media, particularly corporate media, and the level of trust in the MSM. Spoiler: They have not received any. Indeed, during the last two years, establishment journalists have alienated a sizable percentage of the general public.

According to the most recent poll, 38 percent of individuals worldwide skip most news entirely, suggesting that coverage of certain themes such as covid has become ‘repetitive’ and unpleasant. This represents a nearly 10% increase over 2017. The more important statistic, though, is the percentage of individuals who do not believe the media at all.

Only 42% of people worldwide indicated they trust the media most of the time. In the United States, only 26% trust the media, a three-point decrease from 2021. This is supported by the recent exponential drop in mainstream news ratings.

CNN lost over 70% of its main demographic audience this year, and the network recently had one of its lowest weekly audience numbers since 2015. The failure of the CNN+ paid membership service before it even came to fruition demonstrates a complete lack of public interest in the network’s radical leftist agenda.

MSNBC’s viewing figures were also down 32% this month, as its prime-time programming struggled to sustain a million viewers. Even the Jan. 6th hearings, billed as a historic event for the US that would allegedly show “proof” of a premeditated “insurrection” of the federal government, drew only 20 million viewers over 12 networks, or for around 6% of the American population. Fox New appears to be the only corporate network with a consistent audience.

Is it any surprise that the establishment media has been collaborating with social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube to artificially boost their material to the top of search results? With the public angry with the media’s consistently slanted coverage of the pandemic, the BLM riots, the Hunter Biden Laptop issue, the Ukraine war, and the growing economic catastrophe, the only way the MSM can get people to watch them is to collaborate with Big Tech to compel people to view them.

It is simple: if you consistently mislead the people, they will eventually disregard you.

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  1. What a surprise ….. not.
    Controlled by a few a corrupt individuals and journalists not journalists anymore . mouth fed what to say and he who dares to express any other view , will be silenced .Hopefully they all , the main stream ones go down the drain and fast.

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