Trump Claims US Does Not Have ‘Real Elections,’ Calls For Paper Ballots

During a speech to Oakland County Republicans in Michigan, Trump claimed that the US does not have ‘real elections’ and called for the use of paper ballots.

Trump claims US does not have ‘real elections,’ calls for paper ballots

Former President Trump took his latest swipe at the United States election system during a Sunday speech to Michigan Republicans.

During a speech to Oakland County Republicans in Michigan, Trump said he saved the steel industry in Michigan by placing tariffs on foreign aluminum and steel when he was president. He said that there would be no country without steel, borders or elections, which he said were “fake” in the U.S.

“And if you don’t have steel, you don’t have a country, like borders, like elections, got to have real elections,” he said during the keynote address. “We don’t really real elections, we have fake elections.”

Trump, who has repeatedly falsely claimed the 2020 election was stolen from him, also said he wants same-day voting on Election Day, paper ballots and instating requirements for voter ID.

“They also want no voter ID because they want to cheat,” Trump said. “They don’t want to same day voting better one paper ballots. They never want any of that stuff because they want to cheat on elections.”

The Zuckerbucks election funding loophole has been closed by the GA Senate, with 33 Republicans supporting and 23 Democrats opposing the measure.

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  1. Dad and I were Republican precinct chairs, he in PA and I in TX. The GOP election fantasy is updated Old South: One male or female voter, of any ethnicity but proved U.S. citizenship, voting ONCE. The Dems’ fantasy is Andy Cohen’s (“Watch What Happens!”) system: Come one, come all, vote early and often!

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