Trump Almost Withdrew US From NATO In 2018

Former US National Security Advisor John Bolton said that Trump almost withdrew the US from NATO in 2018, which would have been catastrophic for NATO’s survival.

Trump Almost Withdrew US From NATO In 2018 1

Former US National Security Advisor John Bolton said that former US President Donald Trump’s rhetoric during the campaign was a continuation of his policies as head of state and that Trump had nearly pulled the US out of NATO in 2018.

During a rally in Reno, Nevada, while attacking the immigration policies of Joe Biden, Trump vowed the largest deportation in American history if elected.

On Saturday, Trump stated that a NATO leader who asked him, when he was president, if Washington would defend that country and others in the event of a potential Russian invasion if they did not fulfill their defense budget commitments. Reacting that he would not, Trump said he would support Russia in “doing whatever the hell they want,” emphasizing that NATO allies “got to pay.”

“At the NATO summit in 2018, he came very close to withdrawing from NATO right there at the summit. So each of these comments, as he makes them now over six years, to me simply reinforces that the notion of withdrawing from NATO is very serious with him,” Bolton told Politico on Tuesday.

Speaking about how the US public was not taking the previous president’s words seriously, Bolton stated that Trump is using his remarks to not strengthen NATO but rather to set the groundwork for quitting it.

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“When Trump complains that NATO allies are not spending enough on defense, he’s not complaining to get them to strengthen NATO. He’s using it to bolster his excuse to get out,” he said, adding that the former US leader had no idea of how damaging the possible consequences of such a withdrawal could be.

As the alliance’s leader, the United States’ exit would be catastrophic to NATO’s survival, according to Bolton.

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  1. And, in my humble opinion, he should withdraw us from not only NATO but the United Nations, as well and throw their headquarters off of United State soil.
    They’ve, each, become nothing more than a cancer on the human populace.
    Enough of their globalist desires!

  2. NATO is so 1960! It has outlived it’s usefulness, as even the evil Khrushchev, Kosygin or Brezhnev never actually tried to “bury us” so their empty threats are long gone! NATO will not step forward for any Chinese threat only one from Russia. So who needs NATO IN 2024?

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