Tripura To Export Pineapples To Germany Using Waterways Reducing Cost Of International Commercial Transport

The transport of the first waterway consignment consisting of 40 metric tonnes of processed pineapples was initiated by Tripura CM Biplab Deb. The pineapples would be exported from the industrial growth centre located at Kumarghat in the Unokoti district of Tripura to Hamburg in Germany. The move is aimed at reducing the cost of commercial transport to the international market by utilizing waterways.

Tripura To Export Pineapples To Germany Using Waterways Reducing Cost Of International Commercial Transport

While speaking at the flagging off ceremony organized at Kumarghat in the Unakoti district of Tripura, Biplab Deb said, “the sense of self-reliance is imbued among the people of the state.

Women, as well as men, are taking part in productive activities across the state which indicates that the state’s growth is on the right track.”

Particularly, Biplab Deb appreciated the previously neglected pineapple farmers of the Darchai and Nalkata villages of the Darlong community.

The Darlong families were encouraged in their self-reliance initiative by the positive governance in the state.

“Once discouraged, the entrepreneurs have found a new way of earning. Inspired by the positive and conducive environment created by the government, people are now showing interest in entrepreneurship development.

The growing demand for Tripura products has ensured fair prices to the farmers. I am delighted to visit the pineapple orchards and interact with pineapple growers.

I am glad to know that with the help of Tripura government schemes, farmers are able to get the appropriate value of pineapples and they are happy to sell their products in the global market.”

Tripura CM further noted that the production of varied fruits and crops would play a crucial role in increasing the income of farmers, besides the conventional yields.

He stated that the present government was making all efforts to promote value addition of products of Tripura which was previously missing. 

About the pineapples transported to Germany using the waterways, he said, “Today, a 40 metric tons (processed) pineapple filled in cans started for Germany from Kumarghat. We are moving towards reducing the cost of commercial transport to the international market by utilizing waterways.”

Notably, Tripura is a land where pineapples, litchis, jackfruits, limes, oranges, lemons, coconuts and cashew nuts are found in abundance. The fruits are grown without using any fertilizers or chemicals. Fruit crops are cultivated on hillocks nourished by the well-distributed rainfall in Tripura.

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  1. They need to watch out out for parasites like Bill Gates and Monsanto.

    They want to monopolize the agricultural business and poision us through food. Make those contracts long term and no mergers allowed from Germany.

  2. Take NOTE – – Pineapples, Limes, Oranges, Lemons, Coconuts, Cashews all grown ‘organic style’ without chemicals/fertilizers ! And a local government actually putting the individual farmers into a free enterprise self ownership marketing operations ! ….remarkable, outstanding, dignified family farms engaged in nutritious God-given food to consumers – – this world is turning to common sense once again. …….. …..shalom, al jenkins

  3. They can also dry the fruit, it will be lighter in weight than canned fruit. Dried fruit is very expensive. In San Francisco, for organics: dried mango is $14.00 a pound. Jackfruit is $18.00 a pound, cashews are $10 or $12 a pound. Cashews roasted and spiced with Indian curry spices is $18.00 a pound. The farmers can make finished products, spiced cashews, dried fruit, spiced fruit, chocolates with nuts and fruit, cakes, breads, kefir and yogurts, CHEESES spiced with fruit and nuts…. To appeal to Western tastes, hire Western experts in each category. The West loves variety, yet some things will appeal more than others.

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