Top Russian Social Media VK Executives Found Dead In Siberia

A Russian social networking firm, revealed that two of its senior executives died on a trip. The two who died were top Russian social media executives of VK who were found dead in Siberia.

Top Russian Social Media VK Executives Found Dead In Serbia

The Russian social networking platform VK confirmed on Tuesday that two of its top executives perished while trekking in a remote section of northern Russia.

According to a statement, First Deputy Director General Vladimir Gabrielyan and Procurement Director Sergey Merzlyakov died in an accident in the Yamalo-Nenets autonomous region. VK said it was grieving the officers’ deaths alongside their friends and families.

An accident involving a party of four people travelling the White Sea shoreline had been reported earlier in the day, according to local reports. They were crossing a river in two all-terrain vehicles when they were pulled into the sea, as per reports.

Two members of the group were able to flee, but the two executives were killed, according to reports. One among the survivors is Gabrielyan’s wife, according to reports.

The incident occurred on the Kanin Peninsula, a vast landmass situated between the White Sea and the Barents Sea in the Russian Arctic. Residents of Shoyna, a small village on the peninsula’s western shore, saved the group of frightened survivors.

The fatalities’ circumstances will be investigated, according to the Investigative Committee.

VK is a significant Russian software corporation that owns, among other things, the VK social network.

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