Top African Football Teams to Watch Out For 


Africa is a country that is deeply invested in football as a sport. Football is a sport for everyone, as per the interviews and reports that come in from some of the top football players and football clubs all over the world. Africa also invests quite a lot in all kinds of sports, especially football because as a nation, sports is infinitesimally considered an important part of the growth and development of the youth and the overall progress of the continent as a whole. 

The continent of Africa has 54 countries in it, all of whom have their respective national football teams. Throughout their playtime, these football teams have had different strength, ability, and pedigree. 

Countries such as Cameroon, Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, and Egypt would most definitely feature on the top of this list but who gets to be Number One? That is the question we will answer for you right here!

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The following is a carefully curated list of the greatest African football teams to watch out for:

  • Egypt: Yes, Egypt gets to be Numero Uno on this list and for good reason too! Egypt currently holds the record for the most number of African Cup titles with them having won the championship 7 times including a 3 peat feature from 2006 to 2010. Egypt has also played in 23 out of the 32 AFCON tournaments which is greater than almost all the other national teams in Africa. The Egyptian Football Team won the title when it was inaugurated in 1957 and then successfully won the title again two years later. With a 56.8% win percentage, it is quite a question as to why Egypt has not really done all that well on the world stage with only 3 World Cup appearances in all;
  • Cameroon: The Indomitable Lions of Cameroon not only have great history but also some amazing talent for sure! Cameroon has the title for the most number of World Cup qualifications with 7 appearances on the world stage. Cameroon was also the first African nation to reach the World Cup Finals in Italy in 1990 where they lost to England in extra time. They have won the African Cup of Nations 5 times and ranked 11th on the FIFA rankings in 2006 and 2009;
  • Nigeria: Not the best national football team in Africa, but most definitely in the Top 3, the Super Eagles of Nigeria are one of the most popular football teams in Africa. Nigeria has also produced some of the best football players on the continent. The ‘Giants of Africa’ have appeared in 6 World Cups but have featured in only 1 in Germany 2006. But, they do have the distinction of being the most decorated national football team ever in AFCON history with three winners medals, four silver medals, and eight bronze medals in their arsenal.


So, go on right ahead and check out the best players that these three national football teams mentioned above have and let us know your favourite, why don’t you? 

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