War Criminal Tony Blair Calls For COVID-19 Immunity Passports

War criminal Tony Blair has called for COVID-19 immunity passports to be rolled out and urged the UK to take advantage of its upcoming position chairing the G7 to push other countries to do the same.

War Criminal Tony Blair Calls For COVID-19 Immunity Passports

The former prime minister said it was “inevitable” the idea will be developed by other nations, as the global race for inoculation against coronavirus gets under way.

A report by his non-profit organisation the Tony Blair Institute said the “only way to navigate allowing people to travel internationally again” is creating a global travel pass showing each individual’s COVID-19 status.

The idea has been mooted before but was rejected by Cabinet Office minister Michael Gove just last month, when he told Sky News: “I certainly am not planning to introduce any vaccine passports, and I don’t know anyone else in government who is.”

However, such vaccine passports and apps are being funded and developed by the same Pharma companies manufacturing the vaccines.

In 2016 former chief of staff of the Iraqi Army, General Abdul Wahed Shannan Al Rabbat sought to prosecute Blair along with his former foreign secretary and attorney general for war crimes in Iraq.

However, a High Court in the U.K. ruled that former British Prime Minister Tony Blair won’t be prosecuted for invading Iraq in 2003 because the crime Blair is accused of committing doesn’t actually exist under English and Welsh law, and therefore he can’t be charged.

Earlier, even the newly installed American President Joe Biden signed an executive order imposing new travel restrictions and also begin testing the feasibility of COVID-19 vaccine passports.

In India, the official coronavirus vaccination surveillance app, CoWIN is created by the UN, GAVI and Amazon. Earlier, glitches in CoWIN app halted vaccination drive after multiple states reported data lag, erroneous communication and even total system failure.

Britain may soon roll-out QR based Coronavirus Freedom Passport to determine if you’re COVID-19 innocent. If found to be COVID-19 positive you may be barred from entering pubs, schools and workplaces.

As revealed by GreatGameIndia earlier, there is also a project for COVI PASS – Biometric RFID enabled Coronavirus Digital Health Passports to monitor nearly every aspect of citizens’ lives in the name of strengthening public health management through a military grade tech.

A similar project called Trust Stamp – a vaccination based digital identity program funded by Bill Gates and implemented by Mastercard and GAVI, will soon link your biometric digital identity to your vaccination records.

The program said to “evolve as you evolve” is part of the Global War on Cash and has the potential dual use for the purposes of surveillance and “predictive policing” based on your vaccination history. Those who may not wish to be vaccinated may be locked out of the system based on their trust score.

Even, the Indian government is planning to launch a mandatory digital health card modeled on Bill Gates’ concept. Under the ‘One Nation One Health Card’ scheme, a person’s medical history records, including all the treatments and tests that the person has undergone, will be digitally saved in this card.

Hospitals, clinics, and doctors will all be linked to a central server. The move is aimed at mapping the health records of every citizen of the country in a digital format.

This plan to chip the human race through the digital identification program ID2020 was exposed in the Italian parliament by Sara Cunial, the Member of Parliament for Rome who denounced Bill Gates as a “vaccine criminal” and demanded Bill Gates’s arrest in the Italian Parliament.

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