This Rare Asteroid May Make Everyone A Billionaire On This Earth

According to Forbes, 16 Psyche is a rare asteroid that contains a rich deposit of precious metals, which may make everyone on this Earth a billionaire.

The word asteroid brings to mind a structure in everyone’s mind: a minor planet or a space rock of the inner solar system. Nevertheless, there is one asteroid that is so rich in precious metals that if we capture it and divide it equally amongst us, then everyone on this planet will become a billionaire.

A massive metal asteroid between Mars and Jupiter is known as 16 Psyche.

According to Forbes, 16 Psyche, a 140-mile-wide (226-kilometer-wide) asteroid could contain a core of iron, nickel, and gold worth $10,000 quadrillion.

The scientists are trying to explore this asteroid for a great comparison of its composition versus Earth’s. NASA’s planned Psyche mission is a program to explore this metal-rich asteroid, which could be launched this year.

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According to a tweet by NASA Sun and Space, one or more of Uranus’ moons might have oceans hidden beneath their icy surfaces.

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