These Are The Most Common Blood Types Around The World

According to Anna Fleck from Statista, the map below shows the most common blood types around the world, with O positive being the most prevalent blood group globally.

World Blood Donor Day is organized every June 14 by the World Health Organization with the aim of raising public awareness about the need for safe blood, plasma and platelets as well as to celebrate the many people who save lives through their blood donations.

There are four different types of blood: A, B, O and AB. Each of these can either be positive or negative, depending on whether a protein known as the “Rh factor” is present in the red blood cells. Each blood type has slightly different qualities. For instance, those with type O- are universal donors. This means they can give blood to anyone. AB+ on the other hand is a universal acceptor, so they can receive donations from anyone. Only around seven percent of the world are Rh negative.

As Statista’s Anna Fleck shows in the following map, the most common blood group worldwide is O positive.

Infographic: How Blood Type Prevalence Varies Around the World | Statista

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