The Viral Delusion Documentary Series – The Untold Story Behind The Pandemic

The doctors, scientists and journalists featured in THE VIRAL DELUSION examine in detail the scientific papers that were used to justify the pandemic, and what they find is shattering. In this shocking, five-part, seven hour documentary series, they explode every single major claim, from the “isolation” of the virus to its so-called genetic sequencing, from the discovery of how to “test” for SARS-CoV2 to the emergence of “variants” that in reality, they explain, exist only on a computer. Their point: that the so-called SARS-CoV-2 virus exists only as a mental construct whose existence in the real world has been disproven by the science itself.

The Viral Delusion Documentary Series - The Untold Story Behind The Pandemic

They then go back through history to reveal how the birth and growth of virology has led to massive misunderstanding and misdiagnosis of disease: from Smallpox to the Spanish Flu, Polio to AIDS, to COVID itself – putting the pandemic in a whole new context better understood not as settled science, but the tragic culmination of misunderstood biology by the growing cult of virology, built on pseudo-science, to which much of the rest of the medical profession defers without understanding or examination, and the tragic consequences that have been wrought in its name.

In 2019, the virologists took center stage, and for the first time on film, their methods, miscues and tragedy they have wrought are put under the spotlight, revealing the extraordinary leaps of fantasy buried in their methodology, the contradictions quietly acknowledged in their papers, their desperate effort to change language to justify their findings, the obvious incongruence of their conclusions and the extraordinary stakes for our entire society in whether we continue to blindly follow their lead into a full-scale war against nature itself.

The Viral Delusion Documentary Series - The Untold Story Behind The Pandemic


Behind The Curtain of The Pandemic. The Pseudoscience of SARS-COV2.


Monkey Business. Polio, the Measles, and How It All Began…


The Mask of Death: Smallpox, The Plague and The Spanish Flu


AIDS – The Deadly Deception


Genetic Sequencing The Virus That Isn’t There

As scary as our times are, they are pregnant with possibility: the possibility for a wider understanding of our health and our politics, the possibility of working together to free ourselves from misguided medical authorities, disastrous health protocols and the corruption and injustice that leads to poor access to healthy food, limited access to fresh clean water, dwindling opportunities to breathe fresh clean air, lives filled with extraordinary stress and the un-stopped toxification of our planet – the known causes of disease.

Featuring: Andrew Kaufman, MD; Tom Cowan, MD; Stefan Lanka, Virologist; Torsten Engelbrecht, journalist; Claus Kohnlein, MD; Kevin Corbett, PhD RN; David Rasnick, Biochemist PhD; Mark Bailey, MD; Dawn Lester and David Parker, Authors; Stefano Scoglio, Biochemist PhD; Saeed Qureeshi, Chemist PhD; Celia Farber, Journalist; Harold Wallach, PhD; Pam Popper, PhD, ND; Charles Geshekter, PhD; Amandha Vollmer ND, Jim West, Author; Larry Palevsky MD; and more.

Watch the trailer below:

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  1. GGI does itself and its readers a great disservice by promoting the “no virus” hoaxers, some of whom who don’t believe in germs or viruses at all. Their efforts undermine the great body of sane science and research done by the likes of Peter McCullough, Pierre Kory, Robert Malone, Robert Kennedy, Jr., Paul Marik, Ryan Cole, or Zev Zelenko. The PSY-OP has always been to been a fake pandemic around a genuine virus that is a deliberately cultured bio-weapon that nonetheless yielded by Apil 2020 to cheap repurposed drugs, and that even without such drugs would have been nothing more than an extremely bad flu season with a greater number of long-term sequelae.

    The operation had several purposes: 1) reorganize the world’s economy to transfer wealth upwards and to introduce state crypto-currency via a “vaccine passport” that would transform civil liberties into privileges that had to be earned by compliance with arbitrary demands contrary to the health, well-being and freedom of its citizens. Small businesses were smashed in favor of monopolies, while the fabric of American and other societies were deliberately undermined or torn to shreds. The rights to work, travel, or recreate become contingent on blind obedience to offensive and harmful policy posing as science and medicine. 2) Replace the physician-patient relationship with a state-patient mandated, one-command-fits-all, requiring blind obedience to contrary-to-fact-science diktat (get “vaccinated” in perpetuity). This splits the citizenry into the duped frightened sheep angry at the disobedient narcissists refusing vaccination and putting others’ health at risk and paves the way for an open police state in the US on the models of Australia, Austria and New Zealand. 3) The perennial vaccine failures with coercive “boosters”, if successful, put the Globalists one step away from being able to kill at will, cull their “herd” as innoculation technology progresses and the kill shots become carefully calculated–probably based on social credit scores–to their ends. (The current shots are probably not designed to do the big cull, but their gross harms are disguised to set up the program of perpetual medical care at Big Pharmas demands.)

    The real enemies must be seen and fought as best we can without resorting to nonsensical claims that there is no SARS-CoV-2 virus.

  2. A proper, patient and studied peek in any scientific paper that makes a claim of virus x or virus y (including the sars-cov-2) will reveal the insane assumptions made in them. Further, no control experiments are carried out, and even for those who believe in the viruses no real evidence is ever shown of transmission or infection from one person to another.

  3. I wish you have included other researchers who actually work in virology, even Stefan Lanka who is closest to virology don’t do any direct research as far as I know. Dr. Kauffman is a psychiatrist, Dr. Cowan gave up his medical license recently (and he has done no research himself), Palevsky Lawrence is a pediatrics doctor who doesn’t have a lab for research, etc. from what I understand. Almost all of them are well-known anti-vaxxers as well. So this video might be of help for people who already believe in what they have been saying for years, but I doubt it will give new converts. To have new converts we need people with good reputation who does actual research in virology, in my opinion.

  4. (Psalms 78:49) “He cast upon them the fierceness of his anger, wrath, and indignation, and trouble, by sending evil angels among them.” (Proverbs 17:11) “An evil man seeketh only rebellion: therefore a cruel messenger shall be sent against him.” Messengers are angels – cruel messenger = evil angel.
    Jerusalem, home of the Edomite-ashkeNAZI Jews who are the people of God’s curse and who are contrary to all men hold the golden cup of fornication and have been using the USA to pour out that cup unto all other nations which has now caused all nations to become spiritual Babylon. 1 Cor 15:46 First is natural (Babylon, Shinar Iraq) Last is spiritual (Babylon = all nations – See Isa 13, Jer 25, 50 51, Rev 14:8 18:3. )
    So, those whom have given themselves over to evil God has seared with a hot (hell) iron (evil angel). Do a study on the words iron and brass and you will find that they are evil angels from hell below and heaven above: Stars are angels which will be thrown to earth in Rev 6:12 12:4-9 for they are evil angels. Those, honorable men of earth, are they who lead in evil for they are seared with a hot iron. Given over to evil they are controlled, mind and body, by evil angels. A LOT of celebrities have stated that because they could not become big names on their own, they sold their soul to the devil. It is the saddest thing.
    We are battling against the unseen forces of evil, being led by GOG/Satan as told in Ezekiel 38 and 39. They own nearly all major corporations, central banks, federal reserve, IRS, and mainstream media which its lies and propaganda to divide and conquer, Satan’s greatest tools. Just as Satan, the Assyrian, created the Chaldeans (Edomite Jews and their useful idiots, known as ‘lovers’ in the bible) Satan is also having them destroyed which is now being done. The MAN of Sin is in the background, behind the scenes, leading the way to destroy the Chaldeans and their lovers. Then, the Man of Sin, possessed by Satan, thus ‘two horns (powers) of a Lamb (coming as the Christian Messiah), will deceive the nations when every eye sees the Man of Sin on all black mirrors, which are the ‘image of the beast’ for they both speak and live, which are TVs, computers and smart phones. Satan mimics ALL that Jesus does but turns it upside down (Ps 149:6 Isa 29:16) good to evil. Isaiah 53 tells us that Jesus was not comely nor did He have beauty of body or face – He was reviled and rejected. The coming Man of Sin, out of the USA, will be extremely handsome and charismatic, pulling people to him. Just as every eye will see Jesus when He comes for his bride, the body of the church, so too will every eye see the Man of Sin on all black mirrors. ALL of what we witness today is held in the pages of the KJV bible alone – the only 100% truth in this fallen world. God Bless you and yours always.

  5. I forgot to add, please read my blog. Who are the puppet masters many call the ‘elites’ which also entails the minions or ‘useful idiots’ as the real puppet masters call them. Who are the real puppet masters?
    I have done a lot of historical research of their own documentations and bible study to find out who the people are who have been controlling this world in wickedness; creating this free slave world in which we all now live in a debt based, fiat economic system and you can read about them here; if you care to and if you do, read to the end to learn all of the truth. It is slow going in the beginning because the ground work had to be laid so you will understand how it all ties together; be patient it will be worth your time. which is about Ezekiel 38 and 39; two of the most misunderstood books of the bible.

  6. THE KEY (humbly presented by a nobody) is simply marry the theories together – – whereby we get engineered DEATH (formerly by a single agent a la Camel Cigarettes in ‘Soldiers Kits’ in WWI , to Binary or even Tertiary Agents in our Present Situation. Please to think of inoculations / vaccinations / transfusions / drug injections / contaminants ingestible and the mind / persona to acquire and use such. To be as Evil-Minded as a Snake yet harmless in Action/Intent is a maxim of Value – – stated, as memory served, prominently somewhere or another ?! …. shalom to all

  7. The ones with good reputations would hardly step out of the box and have their credibility as scientists , totally destroyed , from what we have already seen ,the science is settled .That being said , it is quite possible that today “the science” is being handled by the media and moneyed interest .Dare to question and off with your head so to speak .I am not a scientists nor a Dr. and have no degrees behind my name, but I am a researcher , and I like to think that no stone should be left un-turned in scientific research . If there are questions ,they should be answered from an unbiased ,non money interest nor ego if that could be achieved ,in the spirit of discovery . I have in my own research , have had much admiration for the Nobel Prize awarded Dr.Luc Montagnier , now unfortunately deceased , who has made many very important discoveries ,of which not much has been further researched to follow his trail of discoveries. I.e. :

  8. u realy seem one of anti-antivaxers which is a knee- jecrk effect .what can be expected from u ;who can not understand this simple fact that the people here in this documentary are reviewing the so called scientific work done by so called scientists

  9. No doubt that the usurious system that all have bought into is the same system that Yahshua overturned the tables of in the temple. For this alone was enough to engage the rage of the Temples of Moneta in Rome, the Pope, and, the Priests of Jerusalem who all profited from usury; the enslavement of their brothers and sisters. Now the usurious system reaches its pinnacle and explodes in devastating poverty and destruction for all who worshiped the Beast of Revelations: The USA.

  10. Yeah you just need a lab approved by government do to the research and then get published in a scientific journal against all of what they’ve already published.

    Not so simple.

  11. There are at least three groups: Fauci followers, very satanic; Dr. McCullough line, goodwill group; and the group that seeks truth. There are no viruses (evidence) to explain disease. Resources are needed to look for alternatives. Different views.

  12. There’s no virus. Only a bioweapon. A man made exosome. It’s similar to intercellular messengers. Or sperm even. It programs cells to manufacturer something they normally would not. It’s the sperm and epithelial cells are eggs.

    It was designed to create panic and acceptance of the vax. What’s in the vax?

    2007: Multi-layer programmable metasurfaces can be used to construct diffractive neural networks in which radio waves are directly processed.

    Feb 2022:
    The applications of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies in wireless communications have drawn significant attention recently.

    Today: The Vaccinated”  are emitting Bluetooth codes. There is a phenomenon going on called the “Bluetooth challenge” videos. Normally, Bluetooth devices have names on them, but what’s happening now is that when someone goes into a crowded room full of vaccinated people, there are anonymous Bluetooth addresses that show up. They’re anonymous addresses from vaccinated individuals who are emitting a signal.

    A French research team confirmed this when they stopped random volunteers in a park. The team separated the groups into vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals and tested their gadgets. The team found that the vaccinated registered an unnamed MAC addresses.

  13. Michael, please watch this talk ( where they specifically address people like McCullough, Malone and others and refute their claims. And please watch it with an open mind. I think it will change your mind. I also urge you to a little research of your own, look into people like Tom Cowan and Andrew Kaufman, and Stefan Lanka who has been working tirelessly trying to expose the real virus truth for over 20 years. It is not a new thing.

  14. so you dismiss people who see things differently than you do. Please show any evidence of somebody having isolated virus particles. Show that they then mixed them with isolated human cells and had those human cells be the location of the reproduction of more virus cells. If you can’t show that, then your insistence on believing in inanimate particles which manage to penetrate and modify human cells for their own inanimate purposes starts to resemble religion and not science.

  15. If you watch the first video (free) you will hear Dr Stefan Lanka “Read their papers and you will see they have disproven themselves with their own writing. Of course you realise they are completely unscientific, because they are not questioning the base, the historical base and what they are doing. It’s just a belief system! They are doing it in faith.”

  16. Michael, can you get me a photo of this virus? I have tried, emailed all over & nobody has it or does not reply. I agree with the agenda; further they are going to come again at us in 2024. WEF is working it out right now, how they will do this.

  17. I got a question, well I have a “wondering” for you…. What IF these horrible people are not us? I know this sounds strange or stupid, I mean I never believed in “demons” just mental illness. BUT, what if these people who do this and know they are doing it are what we call psychopaths… BUT, that psychopaths come about because of some “germ” or invading something? Just a thought

  18. I don’t believe you actually watched this series. If you did you’d have learned what “isolation” is. You know how I know you never saw this film? You claimed people who know the term isolation and have researched studies claiming SARS-COV2 has been isolated and “purified” to find NOTHING…NO PROOF of isolation in any study claiming SARS-COV2 exists anywhere but in a computer program (in-silico)…here is the definition of that term “adjective
    adjective: in silico

    (of scientific experiments or research) conducted or produced by means of computer modeling or computer simulation.
    "in silico analysis of the human genome"

    adverb: in silico

    by means of computer modeling or computer simulation."

    Sadly….you choose to take the weak position of using ad hominem (“no virus” hoaxers) to defend your non-science, lack of intelligence response. Too bad. We need critical thinkers now more than ever.

  19. The doctors in this documentary may not be research scientists or have extensive “formal training” in virology, but that just lends to their objective perspective and lack of indoctrination by the system. Nonetheless, Kaufman and Cowen had sense enough to actually look at the so-called determinants and non-sensical procedures used to declare such epidemics and pandemics that have been used to slowly assume control over our soverignty. We the people have just trusted what the “experts” say, dismissing any thought to the level of evil that actually exists. The elites have the power of Satan to deceive those who pay for their own indoctrination. It must be close to impossible to completely flip an embedded belief system from which much of their life and livelihood exists.

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