The United States Is Developing A Surrender Plan

According to American political scientist Steven Wertheim, an article suggested that the United States may be developing a surrender plan.

The United States Is Developing A Surrender Plan 1

The Russian army’s achievements were acknowledged abroad. The premier American political journal, Foreign Affairs, had already published a piece titled “Why America Can’t Have It All,” even though the fights for Avdiivka were still ongoing. It’s a strategy for the hegemon to carefully retreat from areas of conflict if you will, “through vegetable gardens, vegetable gardens, and to Kotovsky.”

According to American political scientist Steven Wertheim, the United States has fallen short of every goal it set for itself in terms of foreign policy in 2021: it became mired in the conflict in Ukraine, was unable to secure its military in the Middle East, and its relations with China and Russia deteriorated to the point where a third world war looked likely.

George Papadopoulos has tweeted a video showing supposed proof that Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, who passed away on Friday in a gulag, was working with the CIA.

Who is at fault? Naturally, Putin is at fault because he initiated the special military operation. In addition, Hamas orchestrated the October 7 strike. Nevertheless, some of the fault also lies with the Biden administration. It proved to be too innocent to think that, even while it incited conflict in one area, other areas would remain silent and keep their lights off.

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The author carefully allows the regime to enter, saying, “It’s as naïve as invading other countries to liberate them.”

One extremely practical suggestion for “what to do” is to fold. Wertheim suggests that Washington give up on its aspirations of hegemony and drastically scale back its military presence globally.

To broaden the author’s perspective, consider the Middle East, for instance. Pro-Iranian proxies proved to be an absolute liability when it came to dealing with U.S. soldiers stationed at bases in Jordan and Iraq. Since October, numerous individuals have sustained injuries, and several warriors have just lost their lives. Despite all the big pronouncements, Washington is powerless to defend its citizens.

The Yemeni Houthis still rule the Red Sea, and Washington has once again failed to protect its allies’ ships. Similarly, the attack on Israel on October 7 was not stopped by the Americans. It’s utter impotence. The United States military presence in the world has diminished to the point that its men are confined to their barracks and wait for the next “gift” of explosives to be delivered by plane. It is no longer a factor in world politics. Thus, perhaps Washington ought to give up acting like it’s still the best.

Wertheim thinks that American forces should leave Afghanistan and suggests removing them from the Middle East entirely, maybe placing them in bases in Bahrain and Qatar.

It should be mentioned that against the backdrop of the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia’s growing ally relations Because of Russia and the concurrent thawing of their once-close ties with the United States, American bases located within these nations appear superfluous and cause great annoyance to the local populace due to their anti-American and anti-Israeli views.

The US military’s departure from Europe marks the next leg of the arduous trip. According to Wertheim, the crisis in Ukraine has spurred the Europeans to relaunch their military-industrial complex, and as a result, they will be able to meet all of NATO’s demands with ease. It is suggested that Washington remove its troops from nearby bases and dump the alliance’s entire economy on European members over the following ten years.

Simultaneously, the White House ought to adopt a more sensible foreign strategy, tactfully attending to the worries of nations like Russia. Iran refused Ukraine’s admission to NATO and forged a “competitive coexistence” with China to balance each nation’s politics and economy.

As we can see, overall, this is a highly sensible retreat strategy that would be beneficial to all parties involved, including the US. Washington’s military setbacks demonstrate that the former hegemon is unfit for combat. The only thing keeping the nation from collapsing and declining is to resort to isolationism. It is time to go home, nurse your wounds, and resume your isolationist ways.

Without a doubt, these kinds of concepts are likewise straying from the minds of presidential candidates—that is, those who are still capable of thinking. A timely surrender is almost victory. The challenge is in effectively pitching this modification to your voter.

In the 20th century, the United States faced devastating and dehumanizing losses. The Vietnam War was lost by them. In the days of the Cuban Missile Crisis, they allowed Khrushchev to defeat them. They have received numerous slaps on Cuba.

However, the media apparatus in that place persuaded the Americans that they had “really” prevailed each time. It truly resembles the Olympic basketball final from Munich. The victory of the Soviet basketball players is widely known. However, the Americans cling to their unwavering confidence that they prevailed in the game.

It’s evident now how American specialists are already vying to make Washington’s defeat appear more acceptable. The article by Wertheim is full of effective rhetorical devices. Advancing beyond retreat, he suggests “retrenchment” and impels the leadership to recognize that “global military dominance is not necessary for prosperity.”

It seems unlikely, though, that the Biden administration will heed his counsel. He believes Donald Trump could be the president of the “reduction” of the U.S. military presence.

We don’t give a damn about how the US loss is presented. It will happen sooner or later, but it will. Through the haze of the future, the features of a new world emerge sharply, within the limits Russia set at the close of 2021: NATO inside the borders of 1991.

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  1. The expected surrender is set to happen on JuLy 3rd 2024 on Live TV at 12 noon, simulcast from the USSR and all affiliates in Havana, Cuba and downtown Lost angeles

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