The Story Of Sadhvi Padmavati And The Gangaputras Who Died For River Ganga

This investigation into the series of fasting for the holy Ganga at the outskirts of Haridwar in the state of Uttarakhand by the bunch of socio-political activists is required before the analysis of political psychology that deals with perception of the top modern guru and inception of Matri Sadan, a kind of the suicide club in modern India.

Written by Satchidananda

Sadhvi Padmavati (aka Sulekha)
Sadhvi Padmavati (aka Sulekha)

The Ganga rights activists Sadhvi Padmavati (aka Sulekha) has been known for Anshan (fasting) after the demise of Swami Sananda (aka Prof. G.D. Agarwal) between December 2019 and March 2020). Unlike her predecessors like Swami Sananda and Nigamananda, she has failed to attain the purpose of euthanasia and the demands behind prolonged fasting.

Prof G D Agarwal
Prof. G. D. Agarwal

The state administration preferred to initiate proceedings under section 309 of IPC (Indian Penal Code) that deals with the cases of suicide attempts, instead of the negotiations required for democratic dialogue as in the case of political protest. Hence it was a critical example of euthanasia.

In fact, Padmavati, barely after 10 days of the fasting tried hard to withdraw. In addition to one of the Ashram inmates her father (Sant Prasad) also referred to the pressure that Shivanand Jha has built after two months of fasting. Then the Hindi daily Jagran published it in Nalanda edition, but still the state administration failed to act on it. As such it seems to be one of the cases of manipulated euthanasia.

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Shivanand Jha, the guru at Matri Sadan has been fasting since Monday, 24th January 2022 against mining in the Ganga basin at Haridwar. Certain activist-inmates (despite the guru) preferred to live in the huts in order to support the movement against the stone and sand mining in the Ganga in the Gandhian spirit of Satyagraha. Some of them referred to the fact that Gandhi gave up salt at least a decade before the Salt Satyagraha in 1930.

All of them left the ashram due to certain disagreements with Shivanand and on moral grounds. This is yet another issue that administration deliberately failed to address, and the family member of Nigamananda has tried hard to raise it before them.

The difference between prolonged fasting of Swami Nigamananda and repeated fastings of Shivanand Jha, a pensioner of West Bengal Board of Secondary Education, needs further scrutiny. The observations of the authors like Nilay Upadhyay and Vivekanand Jha can be helpful to ascertain the true picture. The likes of Padmavati were destined to the fate of Sananda in case they failed to obtain the results. But the guru of Matri Sadan is allowed to break his fast even if his demands are not fulfilled.

Swami Nigmananda
Swami Nigmananda

Sources close to Padmavati are aware of the fact that she is as good as any of the living dead creature can be. Who has brought her to the current state? This article is an attempt to find the answer to this question in particular. The story of the top modern guru is incomplete in the absence of Mira Richard, in fact it revolves around her.

The saga of Mira (not the actual name) in the narrative of Matri Sadan is yet another issue that needs sufficient attention. Before turning in to the suicide club, the two leading figures of Matri Sadan were known to practice the occult (tantric). Parents of the students of Shivanand Jha used to be afraid of it. This author came across the complainants of certain parents to that effect.

Former inmate Punyanand helps us with certain facts that the mother of one of his students beat him badly in public. After that he was compelled to leave Kolkatta, and his suicidal tendencies with the claustrophobic attitudes are part of the open secret since then onwards.

Nischalananda (aka Arun) and Swami Gopilanand Saraswati (aka Dileep) are the freely roaming fellows deployed in this service. Arun found Sulekha at Bind in Nalanda as one of the vulnerable young ladies and prepared her with the help of her parents to sent in his services.

South African lady Lalitha Jawahirilal is yet another persons to be involved in her reincarnation as Padmavati. It’s pertinent to mention the fact that the villagers of Bath in Madhubani district of Bihar reacts to it, when Gopilananda approached to reach Mira in a similar quest.

Guru Shivanand has been known to build pressure on his disciples to continue fasting for the fulfillment of his political intentions for last couple of decades. Most of the dailies published in Uttarakhand have exposed it first time in 2001, when one of the fasting activists wrote the truth before leaving them in the dead of the night.

A decade after, another fasting activist i.e. Yajnanand cut his wrist while fasting. As a consequence he was replaced with Nigamananda, even though he has expressed his desire against the fast. As such it was the critical example of the first non voluntary euthanasia at the mutt that is abusing the fascinating idea of the abode, the mother (Matri Sadan).

Nigamananda’s parents tried hard to raise this fact before the state authorities, but the bureaucracy has preferred to stand with the proponents of the mutt. It has discouraged the whistleblowers leaving the mutt.

Nehru quotes an old Chinese proverb, ‘If the government gets hold of you, they’ll flog you to death; if the Buddhists get hold of you, they’ll starve you to death’ in his literary work Discovery of India. The readers are advised to remember the wisdom contained in it while going through this piece.

Written by Satchidananda

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