The Rand Corporation’s Blueprint To End Free Speech

A study titled ‘Truth Decay and National Security’ details the Rand Corporation’s blueprint to end free speech.

The RAND Corporation, which advises the U.S. permanent war faction on policy, published a new study on April 12th, 2023. Titled Truth Decay and National Security it suggests ways to combat “…the diminishing role of facts and analysis in American public life.”

This sounds like welcome news in a world where the U.S. Assistant Secretary of Health is a fat man in a wig. 

Richard Levine, contender for ‘least convincing drag artiste 2023’

Of course, RAND are not recommending a return to sanity and to sincerity on the part of government. The report is part complaint, part strategy – about the problem of maintaining a monopoly on the truth. As usual, it is a measure which we are told will improve our lives – by eliminating any option other than conformity and compliance with the ruling ideology. 

Who’s afraid of truth decay? 

Whilst the revelations of the Twitter Files and the Pentagon Papers are not mentioned in this report, it is certain they will be present in the minds of those reading it. The information war has been successful, but produces diminishing returns following the high-water mark of lockdown. 

Questions over the corruption of the Zelensky regime, the realization that the Russians are not losing, and even the fact that U.S. intelligence agents are embedded in the digital and mainstream media are all examples of narrative breakdown. RAND has a solution for those propaganda deniers. It is, as usual, to escalate the conflict between state-sponsored fantasy and evidenced reality. 

Why do the progressives and the deep state authoritarians cooperate so well? Their power relies equally on the promotion of fantasy as reality. Truth decays these lies, leaving them toothless.  

Lawmakers Senator Ed Markey and Representative Ted Lieu have pushed to limit the US President’s nuclear authority with an act called the “Restricting First Use of Nuclear Weapons Act.

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2 Responses

  1. WETHEPEOPLE are allowing rote unbridled paranoia to be the life philosophy of civilization. RAND and ‘thebigbrains’ are living in fear and subsequently making their fear a saturated mindset for Planet Earth…W R O N G !!
    Fear, greed, money and power seeking drive these self-centered fools and we are going along as if their sickness is okay and the truth of this reality…W R O N G !!

  2. They are operating unwittingly from subconscious fear that protects the identity/ego. They are like robots trying to enforce a narrative that is convenient to them psychologically. The alternative (recognizing and accepting the truth) would could identity failure and emotional disaster for a period of time , followed by a far superior state of mind and awareness from which all good things can arise. People must be guided positively toward this solution , arguments and combativeness makes it difficult.

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