The Neglected Human

The human being, it is assumed, is the most intelligent being on earth. There are other intelligent species, all have a good measure of intelligence, but none have the features that enable such diverse qualities and abilities as the human being.

The Neglected Human

Like all other species the human being is a product of nature and is sustained by it. Nature has been most gracious to this species perhaps because it has the acumen to safeguard its interest and protect the flora and fauna it provides for.

In the tribal populations we notice many traits that are missing in the modern urban populace. The tribal revere nature, consider nature to be God, and feel it is their duty to protect the earth. Having worked with the tribal I have come to respect their cumulative knowledge and the way they have identified with the natural world surrounding them.

Living with nature can be harsh but it allows people to be simple and straightforward. The tribal will not lie because they do not feel the need for it. Living with nature grounds people and provides a balance. Such people have very few needs and live spartan lives. They have very deep convictions and sharpened powers of observation.

The main problem with the vast majority living in the modern world is that they have completely lost touch with nature and its cycles. The modern civilization feels that nature is an adversary that needs to be vanquished and that an artificial world will be more conducive.

In this separation from nature lies the neglect of man and his downfall.

What caused the separation from nature and the change in mentality? The industrial revolution. Ever since this development nature became an input to be processed in the quest for comfort.

While the industrial revolution began with the impression that human beings would be benefitted, it actually began to sideline them. Slowly began a trend that the human is a slave species and the machine is better.

The machine did not say that it is better. Who said that? Those that built the industries. Powerful human beings. The industrial society provided the impetus to this group to dominate, become more powerful, and employ the human resource for their benefit.

Then began an era of neglect of the natural world, human beings, and also the qualities that distinguish the human beings from other species.

The arts that flourished, the quest for knowledge, was replaced by a new subject named science that captivated the masses mostly because it became sine qua non for lucrative livelihoods. The objective of this science, married to the industry, seems to be mindless material growth at the expense of natural resources disregarding every concern that comes its way.

The backers of the new subject being used to increase corporate profits have an intent and know that great harm will come about from this pursuit that goes against conventional wisdom of ages. They therefore honed a few terms to bludgeon opposition into submission.

The first such term is the “greater good” . It came with the pretense that collective good was about sacrificing the interests of, or even doing harm, to a minority. It does not matter if the very concept of the good is a mirage and all are harmed.

The second term is “There is no alternative” or the TINA factor. The new harm becomes essential when this term is displayed on board. We need to harm because it is the only way out!

The third aspect was “qualification and expertise”. It created an army of declared experts and projected them as the custodians of “truth”. Only they can be relied upon and their decisions and proclamations are final. Opposition, however judicious, is misinformation.

Thus the system was created to distort the truth and project convenient falsehood as the “new truth”. Simple subjects became complex and common sense became superstition. People were asked to set aside conventional wisdom and accept the revealed new truth.

Under the new system slavery is demanded at every level. Food is an essential input for the human body. A new industry has emerged to mass produce. It resulted in food becoming poison, proliferation of artificial ingredients, and non nutritious food, all of which has become the norm. Unless the slaves are weakened they will not admit to the slavery.

Industrialization itself has a very demeaning effect. Labour is an input. Thus the masses become labour force. They are no longer the caretakers of nature, or to be poetic, the masters of all they survey.

Industry also requires the proximity of the workforce. Therefore started the ghettos. Villagers were uprooted from their natural surroundings and herded into unhealthy congested habitations. As this took a heavy toll of lives, improvements were made, and townships were born.

As these townships supplied the needs of the workforce, the consumer industry took shape. The laborers became consumers of the industrial products they toiled for. The rich became richer.

The villagers were earlier engaged in productive activities. What they produced they exchanged for what they needed. This exchange benefitted both the parties, and both had to toil. Barter is about being productive and adding value.

For the rich however money had to come easy. Thus began paper money. You only needed to convince people to deposit their hard earned earnings and then you traded that money to earn for yourself based on promissory notes.

The governments formed with the backing of rich and powerful traders who adopted this route, took to the mass printing of paper currency. It provided additional power to make more money. The money began to be used to purchase people and accentuate the neglect and harm.

The neglect and exploitation destroyed nature, polluted the environment, corrupted the agriculture and food system, forced people to live in extreme stress and led to disease.

The diseases in turn became an earning opportunity. A new system of medicine emerged from the stables of the rich and powerful. It declared that disease is a chemical deficiency and therefore began the philanthropy of mass producing drugs and medical services. The labour force now had another use; they became patients. They do not have the right to question; only consume. Mental and physical strength has abandoned the species as a result.

We shiver while going through the accounts of the world war concentration camps and consider ourselves lucky that we do not live in such times. But unknown to us the whole world has been converted to such a camp. Except for walls the present world resembles the worst of such camps.

Things are not going to end here. The neglect of man is set to end with wholesome extermination. The useless eaters are now being pruned in the quest for bringing in a new world order and the fourth industrial revolution that is purely technology with very minimal requirement of labour.

So we have disease spewing factories producing the toxins that will be used to cull, the treatment industry to aid in that culling, and the “expert” industry that will use the word “science” to absolve the criminals and justify the crime.

Wars and riots will force people into accepting measures they would not agree to otherwise.

Rights will be taken away, ownership of property seized, people will be declared sick and force medicated, the demarcation of zones within townships will facilitate greater control and tracking, travel will be restricted, the food will be fully artificial, and only those fully compliant will be allowed basic facilities.

Very few will survive these measures and step into the new world.

The new world will begin another round of extreme exploitation with artificially augmented human beings, artificial wombs to mass produce the desired slaves, living and working in the metaverse, leaving the natural world to the enjoyed by the “real” owners; the super rich.

There is no alternative. It is all for the greater good. One needs to be scientific, listen to the experts, and tolerate what is happening all around and what is coming. For are we not the most intelligent species on earth?

Pretense and the need to conform will lead us to an unprecedented crisis.

Jagannath Chatterjee is a Health & Human Rights Activist from India. This article was originally published on The Current Health Scenario.

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